How Does Your Life Bowl Holding You!



How does your life bowl holding you!

We have to let go of our perfection, punctuality, routine or the way we have our control on things at times when life throws us uncertainty on our way.

We are very less prepared for that because we have always been trained to be in control, walk in a specific way, achieve things and in short everything we take granted even our life and our loved ones life too.

But unfortunately things changes, our life turns upside down and we find ourselves in a mess, lost and hopeless.

What do we need to do at the time of this turmoil?

Have you ever watched trees during a storm or hurricane? The tree which remains rooted are the ones who keeps it grounding deep, though some of its branches fall over.

I often think of that we can lose everything in our life nothing is permanent but the things which are there is our own grounding.

It’s like a bowl or a container which holds us at any times no matter what is thrown at us.

We hold everything if the bowl is stable and stronger. It can make noise, stir us but we will come back to ourselves.

When we lose our loved ones we often think life is unfair but if you look at it become part of that bowl which holds us.

We learn in hard times to let go, forgive, surrender.

As a parent or someone who we love we teach them life as a pleasure, discipline, responsibility but never ever we teach them of what if something uncertain comes, what if our end time comes.

The pain of losing will never be less but what I mean to say is we can start unpacking the gifts of surrender, letting go without being swept away by that storm.

Our duty as a parent is to tell our kids that we will be part of that bowl when we are gone, the bowl will be stronger. Our roots are not so fragile or weak that it can be uprooted.

Anything can happen any moment. What we take as granted and our ego stick to it is just an illusion that mind gives us.

We can only see this if we start meditating, being mindful and paying gratitude to not only good things in our life but whatever life has thrown at us.

We develop the compassion, we embrace the uncertainty, we develop the love inside us for people without they being present.

We let go of controlling nature or being the perfectionist at times and rather we learn to flow.

We forgive more easily.

We can see easily that materialistic things are there to serve us but we should not be part of it.

Our ego stops playing around.

We see beauty in every small moment or things.

Our connection becomes more enriched and meaningful.

We have to start this when things are going smooth, we are in control of learning that everything is temporary only the present moment is what we have got. Our living becomes more mindful.

Take time out in a day for 10-15 minutes just close your eyes and be with yourself.

See your container how does it look.

What do you need to do to make it solid, the practices, the thoughts, refuge where you can go and rest at times of turmoil in your life.

Our hard times helps us to mould us in a way where we become lighter not just for ourselves but for others too.

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”

This is true with a human too we just need to be holding the bowl firmly. We are light not less or more.

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