Weight Loss And Food Planning

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Weight Loss and Food planning

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I started my journey into fitness due to weight management, and I can vouch for the techniques that has worked for me (and a number of my clients, globally).  I do not suggest any supplements or off-the-shelf diets.  Weight management is all in the mind.  I use mind-body technique to help you deal with your weight issues.  The coaching also includes learning about eating and food.  I am a certified consultant from Institute of Eating Psychology and a nutritionist from Precision Nutrition Institute and use my learning to deliver effective results to you.   In the session, we will cover issues such as:
  1. Learn how to eat and what to eat.
  2. What are few things other than food that affects your metabolism.
  3. Why sleep is important and how you can improve that.
  4. Learn food planning.
  5. Blood sugar regulation.
  6. Learn about prebiotic foods how it can help you to lose weight.
The sessions can be delivered online or face to face depending on your location.   Cost: You need to buy a minimum of 5 sessions for the cost of £150.  Additional coaching sessions delivered as per your progress.
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