Nutrition And Lifestyle Coaching

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Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching

verifiedIcon Recommended for adult persons
verifiedIcon Class Timings Mon - Friday, timings will be notified after buying the service.
One of the most often classes by my clients, this module is designed around you.  We being by exploring your needs and your goals.  We set ourselves targets that we can achieve (depending on your spare time, and your fitness level) and work together to achieve them.  Most of my clients have learnt how to eat, move and breathe in a  way that can support you lifelong to lead a healthy and happy life. Typically, I will work with you on these aspects:
  1. Habits
  2. Thoughts
  3. Diet
  4. Movement
  5. Mind-body eating psychology
  6. Creating “Me-Time”
  7. Finding your purpose.
  8.  Blood sugar regulation.
Delivery:  One to one sessions Delivered over phone call (once a week) and supported by online videos and reading materials. Cost: £200/month I can offer this as a group session for  a maximum of 10 participants (minimum of 5 persons).
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