About Me

About Me


I am a listener, a story teller and a yogi on the mat and beyond mat too. I am a strong, passionate, and loving woman who will be your friend and will be your teacher too. 

I have been in the fitness industry since the birth of my youngest child, 21 years ago. What began as a means to lose weight and pull myself out of depression became an encompassing passion which I have dedicated most of my life too. I have been an aerobics instructor, personal trainer, Chek practitioner, food psychologist and so much more all in order understand the mind, body and soul. 

Every thing I have learnt I put into practice in my own life. My coaching stems from my own life experience or heavily practiced and researched methods. My friends often joke I have more books than clothes, but when you dedicate your life to helping clients, books help more than clothes do! 

For the last few years I have been practicing yoga and I have achieved 500+ hours in  advanced yoga teacher training. With the support of my husband, children, parents and of course, my dog I am able to live my dream in helping people through my services.  I have often been told in the past, that my life would be unimpressive but who would have thought 21 one years later I’d achieve this amazing feat in a career that I love. Now my focus is on empowering other people to be able to have the same pride and confidence in their lives. 

  • Active IQ personal trainer.
  • Chek Holistic lifestyle coach level 3
  • Chek exercise coach
  • Chek practitioner
  • Eating psychology coach
  • Advance yoga teacher 500 plus hours
  • Meditation teacher
  • Chakra balancing
  • Beyond self sabotage
  • Functional trainer

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Healthy Living with Archna

My Consultation classes are carefully designed to make your Mind, Body and Soul more relaxed and healthier, naturally.

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