As a women I always use to think our cycle as something not to be talked about, a phase which happens to most girls and women but it is associated with pain, not feeling good and many other things. Our society and culture also make us untouchable but slowly as I start ageing with my science background my logical mind was giving way to my intuition, my feminine wisdom to this periods in us. Science sees it as a women in a fertilise age, puberty and if a women is in menopause than her capacity to give birth is gone. Right? So in nutshell its nothing much related to our amazing female body, our own feminine energy to do with because most of also has blindfolded our insight in to this .

13174120_988433487901122_8352528726716380242_nThere are many women researcher who has worked on feminine energy and women body. I have read some of them and I personally feel that if we looked around we are surrounded with some amazing women of all age who are their fully open at this time also to share their wisdom, intuition but most of us has turned blind eye towards them. If we are more left brain we call those spiritual , intuitive women foolish. 

Most of us also think our hormones , periods has to blame when it comes to our being moody during our periods or before that. Our intuition gets hightened but we shut ourselves saying Do not listen it just PMS, take pills and move on. Some of our problems, worries get highlighted in big alphabhets to us. Things which generally has not bothered us get escalated in two weeks. This is the intuition build in method for us but we totally deny that. 

In a relationship you will often think if you are not being appreciated or listen it gets worse during our periods, you are over sensitive . If you have negleted yourself than you feel down and low the way you think or look. It’s the way our intuition points out to what action you need to take. 

This morning I saw all the god’s idiol on my bedroom and I felt I should indulge more in worshipping them and taking care of them, it means a call for spirituallity or some ritual in my life is needed. 

As women mature past the childbearing age into menopause intuition increases. Dr Christiane Northrup calls this going from an AC to , or alternate current of wisdom -on two weeks off to two weeks on – to a DC, or direct current of wisdom after menopause. Traditional medical thinking and general people opininon about women in menopause is like waste but honestly nature isn’t so wasteful . Anicent culture used to describe those women as wisdom women. 

How many times you have yourself turn up to your mother , grandmother or some old women wisdom. They become more truthful and because the way their body works they have less space or time and they are more upfront and has less bull-shit attitude . 

When you look at young girls, they sometime know they are right but they have fear to be rejected, not taking seriously and that sometimes develop in anger, moodiness or completely denying directing anger towards them. This result in people’s pleasers than risk disapproval and possible abandonment . Women has an amazing power to tap into morphic field of ancient memories, of the persecution of women of former’s time. The intuitive powers of women has long frightened men, particularly when they threaten the established social, economic, scientific or religious order of the day. That might be one reason why the ancillary powers of healing, that arise from it-have been forced underground, ignored or ridiculed. 

Writing this piece at time of my cycle when I see myself very intuitive , I do get some wonderful insight of what needed to be done, my own healing is much easier when I can tap in other women maybe from past ancestor or present I get guidance and way to work. 

So next time if someone says you are moody or you are witch during your periods , remember you are speaking from heart. Listen to it and don’t be scared to work towards it. Our intuition is the biggest power we have in us . Enjoy your monthly cycle, celebrate. If you are wisdom women in menopause than your light shines from heart. Those of us who are doing work on forgiving, loving, healing, tapping to our intuition brings others in your light and in your journey to see women grow stronger when they are together and when they are growing spiritually they do not see men as rival or competitor but they acknowledge their strength, there care as a way to make them more stronger. 


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