We often come to an advertisement like new you, better you and all. I must admit I also have done this type of talking in past but I now see what’s wrong in this. Saying I change people life or I will make you better than what you are is an ego talk where we are judging ourselves and other as less.

Our self-acceptance of who we are at this moment makes us more powerful, compassionate and kind towards us. There is always a room for improvement I agree but there is always in those words that we are sort of something, less to our wholeness.

We focus on what we are not in that we lose what we have. Does this make sense?

Let me give you an example that I walk miles but some days I can see as nothing compares to someone who is running miles. So at that moment of less of myself, I cannot give justice or compassion to my own body and my effort.

We all have that in us a moment when we want to be just perfect in everything that we do. Use that moment in something where you should not do it with less in you but with wholeness.

We are our better version now. We can transform the life by accepting ourselves fully all our flaw, goodness, emotions are there for reasons. Nothing less or broken. Be the best version of you is not for you because you already are your better version.

Self-acceptance needs the courage to say to your ego that you are fine. Your perfectionist nature to say that I will use it some other time not now.

Our new version is the talk of our hurt ego, our tendency to get fit in society to be one with them. We all have encounter people in our life who are just them nothing more, nothing less. What do they do to our energy? They make us relax, they hold a mirror to us without judgment or comparison and they see wholeness in us.

We all are that person inside but the world around us is asking us to be something else than what we are now.

The present is beautiful as it is and time folds, flow in self-acceptance. A seed never sees itself as nothing or just a small piece. It accepts itself in wholeness and that trust has made it so beautiful.We all know the story of this.

Our self-acceptance is the most expensive cloth we can wear each day gracefully, our ego will wither away and we will shine brighter with our inner awareness and awakening. We become a witness of ourselves and we will mould, shape with love and compassion.

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