We all have deep desire to do things. achieve results and sometimes we just want to slow down. What’s wrong with that is the question why do we not do what we want?
A fear of we isn’t good enough hang above our mind and surprisingly its because we give too much attention to other people thoughts and idea about us.
If we want to write a book, our inner critic comes and warns us to remember your blog you published last time? So many people dislike it or didn’t remark on that because it was just below average.
Does it sound familiar to you?
Before we dare we are broken into pieces and very well convinced that it is not for us. What happens here is that we leave it half way or we do not dare to start at all.
If you are sick and tired of your health and weight. You make goals to do something and you start with great enthusiasm too but after few days you feel you are not going anywhere, it’s an uphill task. Then slowly the talks begin where everyone predictions, judgment and generic idea of why people fail comes alive in your mind.
Your inner critic takes the charge fully and slowly you start slipping away from what you can really achieve by some efforts, consistency, focus but the grip of fear and judgment starts looming in front of you. You do not try at all or you just leave it halfway.
If you feel good and maintain a good health or for some other reasons you want to take life slowly, mindfully and on your pace. Isn’t it ok to do so?
But Suddenly someone will say to you-you have put on weight, you were so good what happened?
Your one or two kgs was not a concern for you up till now but now with this remark, your inner perfectionist or critic start appearing on the horizon screaming WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU?
You panic, you start losing your control on life what you have. Honestly, these things happen with all of us. We become like a headless chicken chasing something which we are not sure is meant for us or not.
Why are we so concerned about other opinions or judgment?
Because we are taught from day one that others are more important than us.
If I would suggest you here that let’s try to do it in this way where you will give yourself the permission to live and do things what you want? It doesn’t mean harming or judge anyone but living the life as a whole as you want.
If we stop bothering about people opinion and judgment. We open the door of courage, life, opportunities, experiences.
It’s okay if you fail at something you take the responsibility. You start changing, slowing down in life, not for the sake of others but what exactly you want from your life.
You start challenging yourself, step out of your comfort zone.
Adventure and learning become part of your life.
Challenges will not threaten you anymore.
You stop giving a shit about things that don’t matter to you. (oops! I never use swear words but why because of the fear of judgment by others).
You stop judging others, in-fact you become part of others journey in a positive way.
In a nutshell, you start living your life.