I  was in Gym this morning and saw lot of people training. More than the usual.  Its not unusual.  It’s a new year.  New resolutions have been made and hence, there’s a seasonal flux when resolution seekers make a beeline to the Gym or a book store to buy books on diet. I’m not being critical.  There is nothing wrong  in realising that we need to do something for our health and well being. It is very important for anyone in this planet to live a healthy life. 

I am not against diet plans too. Diet plans by themselves are not wrong.  What I am against is our attitude towards diet.  You take it as a ‘challenge’; if you succeed you are ‘ wrong ; if you fail, you do not have the ‘will power’ and ‘discipline’.  Undoubtedly, this attitude has been fuelled by a lot of fitness professionals who are keen to make an extra buck by pushing the diets.  And the advertising industry is quick to latch on to these terms.  They help sell well.  

Using messages such as above does not help you or anyone.  Rather, it has a profound impact on your psyche.  You may have missed your gym for some genuine reason; or you may need to go off-diet for some reason.  That does NOT make you unworthy, weak or undisciplined in any way.  I dislike the idea of making someone feel fat, not worthy, lazy , junk eater and such.

Yes there may be some factors in your ‘unhealthy’ lifestyle that triggers a lapse.  But that’s human.  So long you are not punishing yourself, its fine.  As long as you realise it, you will come back to the exercise or diet and gradually that will become your habit.   

The protagonists of the diet plans/gym membership say we fail because we do not think we have that will-power in us.  Right?  I say its wrong.  You fail because you wanted to do too many things at a time.  You focus on quick-fix rather than a long term relationship. 

First of all, you step in not with compassion or kindness towards you but with a purpose of punishing and guilt. 

People who are lean and healthy focus on their healthy lifestyles,  not just fad diets or quick-fix.  You need to be on your side to win the game not against yourself. 

 Clean the slate and do your best the next day. If this diet plan did not work, there are others.  Try them.  Make your Fat-Loss goal.   Read about fat-loss here.

Mindful eating is really great and it teaches you a lot about what’s going on emotionally, physically or around you.

Motivation is motor in you and inspiration is the power house.  Read about it here: Motivation\inspiration

We have benefit of having Long term program than short and quick-fix. Read this blog to know how.Long\term short term

Mindfulness eating is really great and it teaches you a lot about what’s going on emotionally, physically or around you.  Mindfulness Eating

C- Consistency is the Key.

C- Compassion towards yourself is must. 

C- Compete with yourself to be your best. 

C- calm and patience works. 

C- carry on doing great work. 

C- Courage to stand tall in whatever shape or size you are in. 

C- Do not chase perfection .

Give yourself a habit to follow , break it down simple and easy, go for the basic and slow wins the race. 

Once you get hang of what is your relationship with food is , how you can  approach than its time to dive deeper. 

Measure your progress it is MUST, have a journal.

All the best guys , Be accountable, responsible for your action.