Why is that a same food works wonders for someone and not you?  The other person eating the same meal would be cheerful and active, while you feel depressed, sluggish.  Its the same food; so it should have similar impact on all.  Right?  Unfortunately, it is not the case.  Eating, or more importantly, metabolism is very closely associates with your habits and emotions.  Once you have chewed the food and it has entered your body, the body takes over it.  The metabolic process is coloured with our emotions, our habits and the rate of metabolism and its output is governed by your state of mind.


TV Dinners – Do you rush through you food or watch  in front of T.V?  Eating slowly is key to digestion.  When you’re eating in front of the TV, your attention (on the screen)  can slow down your metabolism and interrupt with digestion. Try to eat the same food sitting in a garden watching greens or quietly in your home. You will find a difference.

Emotions – Are you feeling jealous, unhappy or lonely?  Your eating action would manifest the emotions that you are carrying and hence, affect you metabolism.  Your metabolism with that plate will be according to the emotions you are carrying.


Memories – Eating is closely connected with your childhood memories too.  If you grew up in a high pressured environment with a lot of expectations from you (to be an achiever, to get a good job or education), then a plate of food will have very different affect on your metabolism than someone who thinks differently. You may have momentarily forgotten the ‘pressure’ but your body remembers it for quite sometime and continues to act under its pressure.  This is just one example but we have many others like this when a kids emotions it attached to the food by neglect, abuse , too protective parents, forcing the child to eat when not hungry .

Eating is one of the basic needs. It is our primal survival instincts.  Yet, most of the time we are very causal about this.  Eating is a chore – something we have to do and be done with it.  Anything worth eating – howsoever good or bad – is ingested.  Wonder you would have the same attitude to eating, if it showed on your body.  Like your clothes!


Eat well.

Take time to create gratitude, love and wholeness in life. At each meal just ask yourself what does this meal mean to me? Eating when hungry and stopping when full is easier to follow if you are concentrating on your food to nourish your body and soul.

Once you focus on your food, you’d learn to read your body’s response to the choice of nutrients.  You will understand   abusing your body for any hidden emotions is not the answer.

I hope next time when you are eating your food, you will notice what does it represents to you. Go slow and steady. Sometime you will notice sometime you may not,  but if you use this as a mirror to know what it is mirroring, once in a while it will help you to understand the relationship with your food and you.