I work with lot of Asian clients and the biggest issue that they have is knowing what to eat.  If you are familiar with the Asian foods habits, you know that the food is rich, deep fried and contain a lot of refined and processed carbohydrates.  Once I discuss the relative merits of food types, it is obvious for them to be confused.  Honestly, it is not at all confusing!

I never recommend my clients to eat differently from others in their family.  If you are from my generation (don’t ask me my age!) then you have been brought up on home cooked food – be it breakfast, meals or snacks.  We did not have crisps, cakes, and chocolates.  Snacks meant something which could be prepared quickly – always fresh!  And there were fruits instead of chocolates and cakes or peanuts instead of Cadbury’s or Maltese. Or even slices of cucumber, carrots, and radish. Whenever there are friends around, they were served fruit chaat (sliced fruits in lemon juice, yoghurt and salt to taste), or rice flakes and homemade lemonade was served. Dessert included Ghajar ka halwa (minced carrots cooked in milk), kheer (rice pudding) etc. A glass of warm milk at night before bed was usually a must in most of the families.  On special occasions, we use to have deep fried bread or snacks or cakes or chocolates and fizzy drinks during birthdays! Meat and chicken was couple of times a month, or if you are live near a river, then fish and coconut was included in the main meals.

Every day you are bombarded with yet another ‘healthy’ nutritious and ‘all-inclusive’ food item.  Obviously, you start questioning your food habits and the items in your plate.  The first step to know what to eat is to know where you are in terms of your food awareness – a beginner, who is confused and gets easily swayed by ads and what others say; an intermediate who has done some research and has some understanding of the ingredients or an expert who has researched extensively and knows precisely what works for her body!

The best place to being with is to go to your basic eating.  Or as we call it, follow your ancestors.  Try and recall what your Mom used to serve you – and follow that.  After all you have yourself as a proof that it worked!  This way you’d automatically remove a lot of unwanted (junk) items from your food.  Once you’re more confident and willing to experiment, then it is best to consult someone who is knowledgeable on nutrition.  They will help you understand your ‘food type’ and suggest you the options which are best suited to your type.  Then you can go and try out the combinations of different options to create exciting recipes.

Take your first step towards wellness. Believe and learn by mistakes. Do your own research,  follow someone who you can relate with. And, at the last, it is better to invest money on healing rather than on medicine.

Happy eating!