When you are used to doing movements, eating healthy and suddenly you are sick it’s hard for you to do things what you usually do and love it. What do we do in that situation?

We feel low, annoyed and want to get well as soon as possible. That’s why people say Get well soon. Right?

Suffering from severe cold and cough. I am doing the opposite. Just not trying to control, curse or do something amazingly uplifting but sinking in the uncomfortable, uneasy feeling.

I do not want to rush or make it go fast but I really want it to take its own cycle.

I am just doing what I can without pushing myself. It’s amazing when we surrender, we accept, we do not force anything. It’s a lesson to us in life we all have these phases and we need to be aware there are times when you cannot do much.

What it teaches us is.

1- Accept that you will get weak and fragile at times.

2- You learn to say No to yourself.

3- You accept help from others.

4- You know healing takes time and it teaches us patience.

5- How sometimes in life we have to let go and learn to flow.

6-It teaches you to live with discomfort. diwali

In food also we have different phases. Sometimes we eat to build up, sometimes to maintain, sometimes to heal, sometimes to survive.

If we understand the phases of life cycle we flow, we surrender, we accept our life beautifully.

When we face a situation when someone close to us is terminally ill, lost his life we resist the change, we hate the discomfort and pain but then slowly we stop fighting against and slowly we learn to live with what’s there.

When we accept it fully, we often see a light too to get out of it.

What phase of life are you in? As season we human also encounter the season. Do not compare or be impatient to move out of it but see it as a learning experience in your life.