It is a practice or I would say a ritual that can be practiced when we are all over the place in our lives.

Fear, rage, anger, jealousy, competitiveness are overwhelming and we need to calm ourselves, bring stillness in our life to see why we are overwhelmed and to judge what’s happening within. it’s good to give ourselves a timeline to do some practice which will connect us to our whole being.

Second scenario is when we are doing some practice for long but we still want to connect with ourselves and divine, then we can initiate this practice.

Why its important to give a time frame like 40 days or 21 days?

It’s important because we then discipline ourselves religiously to do something and any activity if done for 21 days is more likely to develop into a practice. You can view the following link to get more answers:
It’s important in my view to give some task of days because of the distraction these days from outside world. Our own inner conflict and procrastination makes it more difficult for us to take it as it comes but when we give ourselves a time frame we are more likely to follow that.

What can we do to make our mind and soul pure?

Eat plant based diet.

Drink water according to your need .

Do yoga or pleasure walk daily.

Rise up early in the morning to start your day.

Practice deep breathing.

Sit at least everyday for 15 minutes on the same secret place to meditate .

Eliminate alcohol or any strong recreational drugs.

Have a cold shower bath early morning. If you are in a cold country, start with warm and for last few minutes do the cold shower .

Why is it important to create a sacred space?

It has importance because when we destine a place to go where we can calm ourselves , our mind ,relax our body the chances are we will get in to meditative stage more quickly each time. It’s like how we find our bed so relaxing to sleep.

You can put some candle, yoga mat, cushion to sit on. If you want you can put an idol in front of you or a plant. You can also put some calming music.I generally keep colours too like colourful bed sheets or cushions to connect with my Chakras.

Can it be done by anyone?

Yes age is not a bar . A child can also start with sitting still in a quiet place for a while as it is a very rewarding practice.

Can it be done in groups?

Yes, group are very good to do because it brings people together and the experience of energy is very different. It gives us a chance to talk and discuss our experiences. Mind you everyone will come up with a deeper insight of their own practice.

What will you achieve from this practice?

I would say we do not do it to achieve anything but by doing it, we become more present, mindful and connected with ourselves that brings more contentment, happiness from within.

Once you have finished for 40 days can you repeat it?

Yes its a practice . Believe me it will become an essential part of life skill for you and you would love to come back and do it again and again. Most of us will later adopt it in our life