I am always asked what do I do?

A lot of people who are legends in businesses has asked me to frame my words so that people should clearly know what I do. That’s true because they are confused by the work what I keep on doing.

Some think I am a writer, an artist, a blogger, fitness professional, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Yoga teacher, inspirational coach and list goes wider than this.

I too find it hard to frame my answer around what they are expecting to hear but then aren’t it’s possible to be more than just limited to one thing.

I love exploring new things, new horizons to impress myself and I practice it often with all the flaw and imperfection without worrying about what other’s will think about my approach or my piece.

I sing on top of my voice as if I am a great singer but then I see at that moment a singer in me.

I want to be a gardener, want to learn more about herbs, plants, season.

Why do we have to restrict ourselves in a box of I am just this or that?

I keep a tap on my ego by not being overconfident on things what I learn or practice but I love giving myself different passions and dreams.

I engage in adventure or exploring things because that makes me more and as a female, I need to spread more to feel grounded.

I often have a season inside me with everything that I do. Sometimes I become more spiritual, sometimes I become more conscious of my physical body, sometimes I enjoy writing, creating.

We all have different roles in life too. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend so why not our own creative self-exposed to many aspects of life adventures and nuggets.

Often these things are well guided and intuitive but sometimes a friend or a client triggers something in me to explore and as a true craftsman I start the work of crafting and exploring the areas which I need to touch and explore more.

I don’t know how long I am going to live but I do know one thing there is no shortage of exploring and adopting new things in our life.

You craft what you are attracted to, passionate about and dream about.

I crafted my body to be healthy not that I am immortal or will not have the disease but I want to live the healthy life on this earth so that I can contribute to my full potential.

I communicate by writing and nothing can stop me doing that not my language or grammar.

I love to inspire and motivate people to live the fuller life and authentic life and I cannot speak with authority if I fail to be Authentic and whole.

I love my artwork the colours connect me with my soul.

My food connects me to my roots.

My singing, chanting is a way of celebration.

If you want to take something from this Blog then please do not limit yourself to one thing in life, we all have potential to be more. I am sure you might not have noticed in you but you will be doing one more thing than just one.

If you choose to be a mother, father, great wife or daughter/son. Explore more in that and you will find that soon you will be much more things than just your role of one superb individual.

Namaste from Breathe Move Love.