The question is where do we start in our journey towards ‪#‎wellness‬, if we have lived a mostly sedentary or very low ‪#‎activity‬ life so far?

These are the steps which helps anyone to get back in track not just on their ‪#‎movement‬or #wellness but as a whole in structuring the ‪#‎vitality‬ and life they want.

1- Explore what types movement you love, it will need a lot of patience and experimenting. The chances of you sticking with it long term are great.

2- Slow down. I know this sounds impossible in this era and age, when everything is everyone is quick and on goes all the time.
Slowing down is a result in reflection and observation, that leads to a long lasting transformation. It brings more skills to our movement and enriches our life.

3- Be enthusiastic about your dreams. You do not need to be overwhelmed or shout out loud for whole world but try to do it just for your own pleasure and fun, like a kid. Do not worry about the outcomes or result.

4- Be playful. It leads to exploration and adventures. It opens the door for things we think we are not good at or hate doing. We all are born athletes.

5- Have a vision of your dream, not a goal. Vision brings more learning, skill and makes us ready for failure or challenges in the most constructive way.

6- Be curious and mindful that will help you not to be dragged on by other expectations or dreams. It calms us, quiets our soul and mind and at the same time it open us for new learning new skills.

Walk so that you can jog; jog so that you can run.

Take step and swing so that you learnt the rhythm to dance.

Float first so that you can swim next.IMG_6443