Pctire of fifth chakra

Fifth Chakra

The colour of this Chakra is blue. The Sanskrit name for this Chakra is Vishuddha. This Chakra is associated with communication and self-expression. It gives voice and expression to our inner selves through music or sound. This Chakra will only work or spin properly by working on the first four chakra.  The fifth chakra represents your awareness and enlightened soul which provides a purposeful and responsible expression through words. People with a balanced Fifth Chakra often possess psychic powers. The fifth Chakra opens us to higher wisdom and guides our soul. It is the centre of our dreams. By working on this, we can achieve our dreams and inspire others to achieve a meaningful life.

This chakra develops during the age of 28-35 years.  By this age, we put on a mask to hide the trauma faced during childhood.  We tend to supress our feelings, emotions and choose our words carefully.  Some of us are led to believe that their opinion does not matter.  Essentially, the child in us gets increasingly throttled.  Such a situation often results in us choosing to neglect responsibility and feeling worthless. So, the next time before shutting up your kids, friends or anyone, think of what you are creating for yourself and that person.

When this Chakra is too open, the person if found to be talking too much without listening to others or even their inner voice.  They tend to be arrogant because of their ideas or memes.

When this Chakra is blocked or sluggish, a person is fearful of expression their ideas or dreams as they believe it to be of little worth.  Often their personality is unreliable which comes from not believing in themselves and holding inconsistent views.

When this Chakra is balanced, the person are good communicator – they can express themselves easily through words, art or voice. They can calm themselves easily and are content with whatever life has offered to them.  A person with balanced fifth chakra is artistically inspired.

This Chakra is located in our throat and hence associated with ailments related to this area, such as thyroid, sore throat, stiffness in neck area, asthma or Tinnitus.

The affirmations for this Chakra are

  • I am starting to speak up for myself.
  • I believe what I have to say is worthy and can bring changes in my and other people life too.
  • I am ready to listen to others and acknowledge needs of others too.
  • Everything comes from my heart.
  • My thoughts and speech are considered before I utter them.


Some exercises which have proven to be helpful for removing the blockage of this Chakra are:

  • Neck Ball Exercises
  • Neck Rotations
  • Shoulder Clocks

And as before, let me warn you. The fact that you display one or more of the symptoms of blockage does not mean that your fourth chakra is blocked. Please do consult a CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach to guide you in the right way