I am very excited to train my 15 year old daughter in gym. Most of you must be thinking the wrong reasons behind training my daughter but the fact is that this is not about weights.


I want to show my daughter why looking good is less important than looking after body as a whole.

Most women are scared of weight-training.  I need her to know if you love it then it can be your best friend forever.

It was her choice to join the gym.  Giving her the freedom to choose an activity to keep herself fit.  She may not like it – unlike her mum – and will do something else. But she will always remember it as HER choice, and something which she was forced to do.

It is a bounding time for mum and daughter.  She includes me in her likes – such as watching a soap called “Ugly Betty”; and now she wants to explore my favourite  things too.

Today we have planned to bake cookies after gym.  It is important for her to learn that life is both, enjoy and nourishment.

I do not want to make her healthy the way world sees it,  but I want to see health as a part of who she is. 

Wish me luck guys I may be a good coach, but training this girl is something like leaving behind the whole philosophy of beautiful-ness in what I believe on. 

Last but not least when I will be weight training in my 80’s maybe sometime she can spot me.