I come across with people who eat  in extreme thinking it will keep them healthy or help them get a shape which is glamorised by the media and fashion industry.  Then I come across some who are very liberal with their views on what to eat to get flat tummy or why not to eat carbohydrate or certain macro or micro nutrients.  Just because they have lost couple of pounds or have practised extreme eating, and it has worked for them, does not mean that it will work for everyone.

My question to these self-styled advisors is how they feel when they are amidst  (apparently unhealthy) others?  Stressed?  If you are stressed thinking how unhealthy everyone are around you and make your mission to change people’s  shape and size, do you realise, you are causing them more harm?  In addition, others don’t think you’re fun because all you ever think of is food and how to burn it.

I honestly feel  these advisors need to eat everything for a while to realise that punishing your body in itself is a unhealthy practice. Do not try to fix others based on your perception of health.  Ask yourself: are you fun to be around with, do you eat when you want something or do you just think all the time it’s bad for you?  Do you enjoy your physical activity or you do it to punish yourself and burn those calories?  If you get a yes for these questions, then is it not the time to go back to seeking enjoyment through food, life and movement?  You will be a more balanced and happy person than what you are today.

Any type of extreme obsession is not good.