A believer in a small action daily, ritual daily is what keeps me paying back to this planet earth and universe.

We can very well spend days and days without doing anything if that’s what we want but the question is we were born to live not just survive.

The difference between surviving and living is when we survive we just breathe without being connected to anyone or anything or we cling
to something or someone to make us live.

We can get in the phase of just living after a loss or with a terminal disease or grief of someone in our life, our heart refuses to see beauty or connection. That’s ok.

But we need to remind ourselves often what are those small things in our life which bring the smile to our face, what are those act which can lift others.

Reflection is an important part of our living life. If we do not reflect we do not know where we are where are we going.

Each morning you wake up to make your day better than yesterday. You might do some ritual, your small stuff, your responsibility towards others. The more you are tune with yourself, the more you will reflect on how to make each day more meaningful to live.

When I wake up each morning I do not have anything very big in front of my eyes or everything perfect but I try my best to make it best to my ability.

Each small act matters to me. If I do not do anything that also is a reflection of what phase I am in or what I need as a human.

Having tea with my husband greeting him Morning is special do not know when this moment will go but why not make it wonderful each day. Coffee with my friend talking grounds me, writing, seeing clients, cooking, walking dog everything matters to me and is a big part of what I am.

We often chase big moments, big dreams, big events but beauty lies in small things and moments, these are the one who is the brick stone in the foundation of something big.

Surrender to what it is.

Try your best in everything you do, no matter how tiny or irrelevant it is.

Trust these are the stepping stones in your life.

Live not just survive.

If the phase of grief and sorrow is there know it well that it is there mere as a phase and it is going to end one day.

Bring pleasure, love, enlightenment in the day to day activity and deeds.

Treat each person and moment special because that is the present, it will not come back again.

Give your life force in your act, life attracts life.

Anything which looks impossible starts from small.

I never thought that one day I will flow in my writing, my movement or in my life but what I believed in was that each day matters to me.

It’s not one day work is days, years work.

The day when my bones will get fragile and I will be too old I still will do something each day differently because we cannot give up on living it is a gift offered to you by the universe. We need to respect and honour it till we die.