This Chakra is also known as Anahata or Heart Chakra.  The colour of this chakra is green or pink. This chakra helps us to relate compassionately and unconditionally with others. This chakra is significantly different from the other chakras, the root chakra (first)  which is focussed on survival and security or the sexual love of the Sacral Chakra (second).

The heart Chakra embodies spiritual lessons.  It teaches us how to act out of love and compassion.  It helps us recognise that the most powerful energy we have is love.  In short, the fourth chakra is everything about love. Most of us are too busy brushing up on our intelligence without realising the power of love, compassion and forgiveness to others and ourselves. True, we should take care of our head; but not at the cost of our heart; as the heart is the main source of energy which can pull us out from any difficult situations.

The heart chakra develops during the age of 21-28 years. What you do at this age has profound impact on your psychology.  A person, who find difficult to stay in a relationship, has too many expectations or always complains about others, struggle to find peace with themselves. Such person is very possessive, always loves conditionally, and is overly dramatic.  All such traits are symptoms of their fourth Chakra being too open or spinning too fast.

When this Chakra is blocked, the person finds it hard to say No or loves too much.  The person is fearful of rejection or feels unworthy of receiving love.  You will find these people forgiving others easily and blaming themselves. Self-pity is another dominant trait of their character.

If this Chakra is balanced or spinning fine then the person can remain happy and content by themselves, very connected to soul, and forgiving. For them, sex is something special – it is related to spiritual experiences, and not just a means to play around.

Most common manifestations of the blockage of this chakra are breathing problem, high blood pressure, heart disease, Immune related disease  and cancer.  So how can you cure the blockages?  Some of the affirmations for this Chakra are:

  • I send love to everyone I know; all hearts are open to receive my love.
  • Pain is my master and I accept it as my growth and development process.
  • I am happy and content with who I am.
  • I believe in unconditional love towards me and others too.
  • I am grateful of all the love and people in my life.

Some exercises which have proven to be helpful for removing the blockage of this Chakra are:

  • Mackenize press-up
  • Prone cobra
  • Lateral ball roll

And as before, let me warn you.  The fact that you display one or more of the symptoms of blockage does not mean that your fourth chakra is blocked.  Please do consult a CHEK Holistic lifestyle coach to guide you in the right way.e have is love.