Sexuality is your expression of love!

The other day I met my client with whom I have been working for some time. She was looking perfectly content and was radiating happiness. I could not but comment on her looks. She was obviously pleased and thanked me for it. And during the conversation, she mentioned that her husband had been away for almost a month and that last night they had a very satisfying sex. Now imagine a conversation like this:

I: “Wow! You’re looking so lovely today!”

She: “Oh Yes! I’m feeling so satisfied. I had wonderful sex with my partner last night!”

Can I see your eyebrows raising? No one would ‘dare’ to give such an answer, and no one is prepared to receive such a response to an ice-breaker too! Why? Why do we need to hide our pleasures? Why is sexual pleasure associated with guilt or is considered a taboo?

Now consider another scenario. You visit a friend in the hospital who has been injured. He was involved in a fight with someone. When you ask him he would be open about the ‘fight’ and would narrate the incident without any guilt. And this is same with addiction – to a large extent.

What is there in sexuality that makes it a taboo while people feel comfortable to discuss violence or crime? Sexuality is a basic need while violence, crime and drugs are manifestations of unfulfilled basic need – sex. Our unfulfilled sexual desire manifests in negative forms in terms of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, rape and pornography.

Since puberty, the need for sex is dominant in our mind and the ‘survival instinct’ ensures that it is never forgotten (obviously after food and security). Sexuality is a manifestation of Second Chakra (symbol: water). As you are aware, too much water can wash everything away, and too little water can make plants wither and die. Our body is a container nesting our soul and spirits. Too much of second chakra (or water) can wash away the soul and spirits while too less of water can make them wither away. We need to control the correct amount of water, emptying or filling it at a time to maintain a balance.

How does an imbalance in the Second Chakra impact us? Quite a number of our vital organs are impacted by the Second Chakra – Ovaries/testicles, Womb, Kidney, Bladder and Circulatory System.

For example, if you consider our kidneys, it is a perfect representation of Yin (creative, night, cool) and Yang (fire, day, light) qualities in our body. A person with a healthy kidney is active, calm, courageous and gentle. The person can accomplish a great deal without stress and balance assertive action with nurture. On the other hand, a lot of diseases, such as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), arthritis, gout and other overly acidic conditions are caused due to Bladder dampness. And, as mentioned before, both these organs are intricately related to and affected by our Second Chakra. A suppressed sexual, desire or excessive flow can cause an imbalance in your Second Chakra leading to such diseases.

Most common reasons for blockage of Second Chakra is social. Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, emotional manipulation, denial of love or desires during childhood, neglect, religious or moral severity, history of alcoholism in the family, all have been known to cause blockage in your Second Chakra. As with other Chakras, a blocked (or excessively spinning) chakra can be corrected and it is possible to express yourself again fully, without feeling guilty of your sex life, your enjoyment or pleasure. I always advise seeking help from a professional who can help you correct the imbalances in your chakra. You can use some of the tips below to start working on your Second Chakra:

• Movements – Goddess Pose, Pelvic Rock, Scissors kick – have been proven to work in these cases. You can find out about these movements on the Internet. Or talk to me and I can share some information on them.

• Affirmations – Affirmations are very important for correcting the imbalances in any chakra. For the second chakra, affirmations like, “I deserve pleasure in my life”, “I embrace my sexuality”, “Life is pleasurable” can help

• Food – Food has a profound impact on your chakra system. However, the choice of food is dependent on your body metabolic type. Hence, I cannot randomly suggest any food which would work for all.

• Feel your body with love and wholeness.

Hope this has helped you understand your ‘issues’ with sexuality. Please remember, sexuality is a biological need, while taboo, customs, norms are sociological needs. A biological need is essential for the survival of human, while a sociological need is not. A sociological need is essential, at best, for ‘conformity’! Sexuality performs an important function in the perpetuation of our race and hence it is not something to be ashamed about. Let me end this blog with a beautiful quote from Stanley Keleman:“If a person is living a sexual life and living out his sexual feeling, then a lot of life is his foreplay.”

So long friends! Thanks a lot for reading my blog. Please keep your comments and questions

flowing. I always love to hear from you.


About the author: Archna is a qualified Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner from CHEK Institute, USA. In addition, she has done a number of courses in nutrition, and various forms of healing. She is an Eating