Weight management is not just about calories. It is about the various factors that shapes and affects us. I look into the emotions associated with eating. I will help you to break your relationship with binge eating, mood swings and fatigue. I am not someone who will tell you to go on a certain diet instead I will help you to see food for its nurturing power and thus develop a positive body image.

I tailor make plans for my clients based on their background and culture. I tap into an individual body’s wisdom to create a plan that will help them to develop a loving relationship with food. As your coach, I will support you with strategies and nutrition principles that are nourishing, doable, sustainable and yields long term results.

As a qualified personal trainer, and CHEK practitioner, I will also create a bespoke programme for you according to your needs. Exercising is not about losing weight or inches but it is about movement. Movement flows energy within us and helps us to become fearless, energetic and healthy.