Today I met someone who 6 years back took one of the PT class I was in and he in front of 25 people gave my example that like Archna she will never practice what she is learning here and will be satisfied working as an Instructor in some Gym. For sure I took that with lot of bitterness and sadness but that did not stop me. I passed my PT with flying colours worked in Gym too and did a lot after that. I saw the same Guy today and he said its privilege to know me as a person and he would love to share my experiences with him. I smiled at him politely and answered I DID BELIEVE in myself that is only thing I can share with my experience.
On my way back home I thought what was it that is important for progress and I thought nothing else then self believe and a dream. I learnt politeness from my mum who always use to say always smile if you are feeling bad or angry, talk politely and you will be winner.I wanted to share my story with the readers because in every step of your life there will be people who will pull you down. Forgive them because its nothing to do with them its you who has to believe and follow your dream.