I am always asked or been told how Lucky I am. I thought I must write my thoughts on this subject with my experiences in life. When I moved to this country few years back, I was still in hotel and clearly remember the day when my husband was reading a local newspaper and came across an advertisement. The advertisement was about trainee personal trainer. He asked me would you be interested and I said yes I would. I applied and got an interview call. I clearly remember the day was bit shaky and nervous a new country, a very different accent but I went there as I not pretending to be someone else. I was interviewed and selected. Remember that without finding a home to live first I went to find my dream. My journey started from there 2 years part-time course, working part-time and looking after a family in a foreign country. In my first day of course when I started speaking about myself there were few people they laughed at my accent and a total disbelieve in their eyes that I will succeed. I took it as a challenge and somewhere find it quite thrilling too to succeed on all adversity. Made few good friends too and still they are someone I count on. I sometime use to get scared standing on the bus stop in winter night when it was dark and cold but never ever it came into my mind that I must stop doing this course. The struggle for me was how can I look after my family and study too. So I started waking up 2 hours early to finish my studies and every opportunity I use to get to pick my books. I must say here it was hard but felt satisfied every time. I was very blessed to have my husband who was supportive and my two kids.
When I finished the course I was offered a job in Gym as a gym instructor. I enjoyed working there but there were tough days to where I was discriminated or was looked down. One day I was very upset and I talked to my brother and he said you have to stand and give yourself a voice. You are a good person and hardworking your manager must know what’s going wrong. I am very thankful for all those moments in my life too because I learnt how to stand for myself. All my weekend was gone for 3 years working in Gym. I learnt and grow from there. I started developing myself professionally. I started working as free-lance Personal trainer after that started getting ideas and guidance from some people what to do next and my journey is still on. I took every challenge and opportunity as a step towards my success. Still I grab any minute hope or opportunity in a hope to make it bigger one day.
Sometime opportunity comes to you as a very minute ray of hope take it if its feel alright in your heart. One day you will be surprised that tiny ray of hope will convert into an oceans of opportunities.