Our Relationship With Food

What is our relationship with food? Is it just nutrition, calories in and out, numbers, our need / hunger, our survival or more than that.

I honestly believe our struggle with food or love for food will never end but we can definitely give it a place in our heart  with acceptance and love. So what do I mean by acceptance here? Self-acceptance of who you are, where you have come from and who your parents are, your present circumstances, relationship etc. 

Once we accept that and embrace it fully we start digging in for our soul calling or purpose of life on this planet earth. You might be wondering , “How does this makes a difference in our  relationship with food. That’s a complete different thing than what I am or most of us are struggling with”. I as a mind-body-soul Coach have worked with plenty of clients and with my own experiences I know it’s all connected and once we start addressing things one at a time, it not only changes our relationship with food but we starts healing and transformation in all those areas where it is needed. 

One of my clients , let us name her Rita, she came to see me few months back. Successful corporate executive (woman) in her mid 30’s , two kids and a loving husband. Her number one issue was she could not get rid of extra 10 pounds after her second child birth, and she sees food as Good and Bad. Very organised, perfectionist in her life, and loves to be in control. She feels fatigued and drained after mid-day and in fact goes to the gym 4-5 times. 

I needed to know the background to start my work. She was the eldest of all the siblings  , very competitive parents who believed in perfection and excellence. I as a coach immediately  knew that she has been conditioned to win and be at the top in everything and she strongly believed in that. I channeled her amazing determination and perfectionism to something very different . 

1- Starting from the place of acceptance . I suggested to her to calm down and for at least a month no scales, no gym and let go of the very need to lose weight.

2-Do the activity or spend time with people who lift your spirit and who talk less about success and achievement but talk more about the things they love to do, what makes them laugh and what makes them alive other than how they look or spend money.

3- Ask your husband , Kids , friends, family , colleague   What are the three things they like and dislike about you.

4- When was the last time you weighed 10 pounds lighter, what age and what was your life like at that time when you were lighter. 

5-Reflect upon the compulsive behaviour and  when you criticise yourself, judge yourself, try to control yourself. Write down honestly what you think about yourself, your life and your relationship with others. Is your thought of being someone else will bring more light and happiness or is it accepting yourself as you are and trying to do changes with love and acceptance will bring peace and calmness? .

6- What is your biggest calling or life purpose on  this planet Earth. ( stay tuned for my next blog will talk in detail about it)

7- Embodiment, unbounded play, sexuality will show you a beautiful side of your persona which you have locked in.

8- Embrace your Archetype and feminine energy fully. ( will cover in my following blogs)

9- Nourishment, slowing down, mindfulness , eating rhythm, nutritional twigs  play a bigger role. 

10- Be Authentic 

I worked with this client for 8 sessions and she lost 6 pounds and she was more relaxed and happy with her new approach without being punishing , shaming or being perfectionist. Her relationship with her own self and her friends and family changed. She learnt to relax  and realised knowing everything was not required, and there was need of letting go.

Stay tuned to my next Blog on how when your pain, compulsion , eating disorder, weight issues, fatigue, digestive issues is a deep seated call for your biggest soul purpose on this planet earth and how addressing that eases out your stress, your thoughts and your relationship with food. 11027944_801211749956631_4259477971617760020_o