A positive behaviour is something which helps a positive aspect of your development.  It can be a thought, an act or a habit.  Having a positive behaviour towards health will lead you to other great habits.


People who exercise or do any form of movement like gym, walking, running, dancing, hiking  etc carry a positive set of mind towards their body that lead them to another positive steps.  For example, when you pick up walking, very soon you will get interested in hiking.  The positive behaviour in walking has helped you pursue other positive habit, in this case hiking.

If you start eating more vegetables, fruits or home cooked food which makes you feel lighter, energetic and lively it can lead you to think positively about life and you would seek more ways to a better life.

When you start working on issues which have blocked you in past or your old beliefs, you move towards another positive steps in your life – health, creativity or expression.

When you start to mediate it will help you to calm down which can lead to many possibilities of mental wellness and health.

Any act of kindness or volunteering for a cause will bring a sense of satisfaction and purpose in your life  which can lead you to looking after yourself with a sense of opportunity to help others.

Now you know one positive step can lead you to many. When people decide to stop smoking or alcohol they feel better.  This in turn, triggers more positive behaviours, such as exercise or being conscious of their diet – something more positive and rewarding.

In contrast, a negative behaviour triggers a similar pattern in you whereby you choose more negative behaviours.  With a negative behaviour, the sense of unworthiness wraps you and triggers more negative, self-destructive behaviour to gain control of what you are losing.

It is solely you who has to decide whether your behaviour would lead to a better you, good health, self worthiness or self deprecation and unworthiness.


Happy positive thinking guys!