While growing up in India I always was mesmerized by big coconut tree. Every year we use to spend our summer in my grandparent’s house and my grandfather use to love plants so our backyard was full with flowers and tropical fruits. You name it and it used to be there. My favourite was again Coconut, pomegranate, papaya tree and dates tree. So yes where was I, the big coconut tree use to give 300 to 400 coconut at a time. In all the festival they use to use it because it’s very auspicious to break a coconut in our culture. I always thought it need water to grow but once when I was there I saw some man came in with big sack of salt and they put few bags on the root. Coming to my point here my love for coconut is very special in a way and now working in fitness industry I now know how good coconut is for you. So it’s my mission here is to see that love spreading in this universe for coconut, so here are few facts about coconut oil.

1-Weight loss- Coconut oil increases the metabolism; Coconut oil has less fat calories then other Fat. 2- Lower cholesterol- Coconut oils metabolic effects on thyroid support the conversion of prognenolne into Cholesterol.

3- Absorption- Improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium and amino acids.

4-Gall bladder Removal- People whose gall bladder has been removed benefits greatly from Coconut oil.

5-Diabetics- Coconut oil supplies energy to the cell, improves insulin secretion and utilization of glucose.

6-Reduces blood clotting- It means lower rate of heart disease and improved cholesterol level.

7-Antimicrobial and antifungal- It’s due to the tropical reasons where these plants grow.

8-Supports the immune system


10-Body lotion

Now the question is how you will use it. I cook my curries with it; I put it in my salad. My post workout or if I am on go then I carry coconut water with me it is rich in potassium.