Women and strength training, its nothing new or novice these days . Their are plenty of Books, articles and blogs on women strength training and it’s benefit. So Yes I am not going to write anything like that. But how, as a woman from East a place called Bihar in India, decided to train with weights and fall in love with it? How those olympic bars, weights, push-ups and pull ups created me? I wanted to share with all of you because its just not about weights but its more about transforming me from a weak and fragile women to a strong, daring , wild woman.

Growing up I always have learnt to say yes to everyone, be a nice and obedient girl. Girls behave in certain ways and I totally embraced what was asked. But as i grew up , I realised that was not serving me any way. Being good, be dependent on the males and being told to give always never ask for help was making me weaker day by day. Not just mentally but physically too.

So as a young women figured it out there is something wrong in me and I have to fix it, but how? I started stuffing myself with food and start getting bigger. Strange the more I was substituting my pain and voice , I felt I am more abused by others. I become like door mat to people needs and demands but in that process I lost myself completely.

My health was getting worse day by day. I became big and started getting pain on my heels. Very depressed , lost and to make the matter worse I lost a baby too.

But you know what I was one of those lucky girls who was given a opportunity to live again. I started doing aerobics and teaching people aerobics and then came running . I moved to UK in 2006 again after staying here for one and a half year.

My husband saw a Advertisment for a training to be personal trainer. He showed it to me. We were still looking for home to live and no phone number of mine but still I applied for the course and all the applicants had to go through interview . I was called for an interview.

I don’t know what made them take me on board but I started my training. First time when I step inside that free weight room, I looked around and thought wow! this is really something. I honestly have never seen a weight room like this big before.

Slowly started learning the skill to lift weight and teach people too.

My love towards weight  did not develop instantly but definitely it always used to challenge me as if it was saying: you are weak, dare you to lift me.

I am glad I took the challenge which I had never taken before in my life with anyone.

I develop a great relationship with weights and it’s culture . In the weight room you stand naked and exposed . The weight will tell you immediately if you are weak somewhere or strong. It will never ever speak in a sugar coated language . But it rewards you if you are honest, sincere and ready to learn.

Now talk about males , I have known my father, brother, husband and just 2 male friends very well in past so males were like aliens to me. I was never sure about them. But if you train  in the weight room , you will find that you make male friend very easily. They help you when you ask for help in spotting, they admire you as a weight lifter not just as a girl. I did make few great friends in that process and I thought how wrong was I about them.

I learn to say NO to people while lifting weight. I use to struggle in push exercises , my muscles were weaker but at the same time it was indication of our weaknesses in saying NO too. I learnt in the gym environment that saying NO to things are not always bad because sometimes we need to create YES in our own life by saying NO.

I learnt slowly that everything comes with patience, consistency and developing a habit. Repetition makes us perfect. I started getting more organised in other aspects of my life, I started creating rituals in my life and moreover if I face challenges or uncertaintiy it teaches me to be patient.

Numbers again whether it’s to do to AGE or your weight, it hardly matters a lot when you lift weight. You  focus on becoming more in all aspects of your life rather than just getting fixated on numbers.

On the fun side if there is house moving, construction or big shopping you surprise everyone around you by easily moving and lifting stuff. You do not weight for the men here to help you.

Weight training opens lot of insight in you, I become more spiritual and my body slowly wanted to learn Yoga , wanted to do mindfulness practices and walks. I think weights teach you to learn more than any other form of movement or tools to help you grow.

I now feel that I let   go of things of my past go easily just like you start lifting more not just weight but your own spirit too. Sometimes it shows me to slow down and I do listen to it because it wants me to have deeper relationship with me and for longer. I have been saved by so many injuries.

It has given me opportunity to learn from some great Coaches, people and institutes.

When I am in the weight room, I look across and slowly move to the rack where is olympic bar and few weights. Every time I touch each of the bars and weights with lot of love and respect. It has taught me to be kind, if you use something be grateful and thankful. The noises of those weights and bar is always musical in my ear. I always forget what lies outside this room.

I am the first women weight lifter from my State and from my village in India . I am the oldest too I am sure. Approaching my 50’s in few years time and I gracefully lift around 18 year old boys or girls.

As a woman I have learnt to find the balance between my soft side and a strong masculine side. I try to lift other women’s spirits, my eyes focus on the next weight and my next move so I do not have much time for my critics.

I am encouraged by my children and my husband. Women you must lift weights for few good months to see what it can do to your confidence and life.

If you want to ask about regret then the only regret is sometimes you look slim and all, but your t-shirts might be too tight on arms or your jeans can be torn apart on thigh because of your strong quads and hamstring muscles. But with so much benefits and advantages you have to bear this much. Right?13567252_1019938841453680_2736026461457802267_n