We as a coach always think we are coach and we are giving all sorts of knowldge to our clients and helping them to move forward and yes we are not wrong. My experiences or interaction with any client is very different at times. I always come back and review my day in a column I write what I delivered today, How did I make the other person feel about themselves, Do I need to improve and in one column what did I learn today. I always come back with so much aspects of human life and there feeling which amazed me at time how much power we all hold inside us. Some of us are very aware of it and some don’t. Some people want to unlock it and some are happy without knowing what magic they can create.

One of my favourite stuff with Clients is to make a Mandala. I have always observed when anyone starts it they don’t have any clue what they are focusing on or what would be the end result but in half to one hour time they start working like an artist where there is no blockage or no way of stopping the flow of energy. I always create something for myself too and lot of time I feel the creation was somewhat influence by other people energy too. If we keep our eyes open and realize all the time that its so much to learn from each other we will always have a scope to devlop ourselves.