I was in Paris for three days and my clients or some of my friends always wanted to know how I manage in Hotels. I know it’s not easy but in life we had three options. One is to do nothing, second is suboptimum and third is Optimum.

Let me explain the terms here the first one is you are out and you eat whatever you fancy or whatever comes in front of your eyes. You are totally ignoring your needs of body or in a way not ready to do anything about it.

Second is you are out you look at Burger king/MacDonald/KFC or any other joints like that and you are certain you are not going to eat in any of those. Then you start looking for somewhere where they make things fresh and you go there. You try what’s best for you.

Third is optimum where you really know how your body is tuned with certain food and always you go according to it. The optimum is in all sense quality, quantity and fine tuning of food with your body.

So yes the question is I always drink still water but let say if I am somewhere and I am not carrying my bottle then I will drink whatever is available at that moment. I always carry a big bag with my bottle in it. The day when I arrived in Paris the first thing what I did was to locate a good supermarket and if you are very lucky then go for a good local shops or Farmer market. I went for some tub of good Organic Yogurts, tropical fruits, pure orange juice with no fibres, some nuts and some good quality cooked meat in this way I was to an extent ready for what to eat on go and yes pure dark organic chocolate with no soya traces in it.

The first night I went to eat out had a good local wine with some bread and choice was very limited there so at last I ordered some Ravioli. This was not the optimum or sub optimum but the best in the menu I could see at least it was freshly cooked.

Next thing what I have learnt is always clean your slate and move. Yes I was in France so Breakfast was whole lot of different kind of breads, cakes, jams, cereal but then is a corner was lot of fresh fruits nicely chopped and cut, Yoghurt,  honey, apple puree and some good quality Cheese, ham. I took a bowl of yoghurt, Pineapple, honey, Cheese and some good quality coffee with cream.

Today I was sure not going to eat Pasta or bread so just went out and have some fish and a big Tropical fruit dessert with Coconut ice cream.  I will rate this as suboptimum.

Now you know what I am talking about the more you become aware of how your body works, the smarter you will be in your food choices. I am back I clean my slate and cooked some home made good food will cook some food in advance so that this week I could proudly say I lived to my optimum. I meditate, Exercise, now writing a blog to help those who want to know what to do when you are on go.