I am approaching 50 in few years time. That is almost half a decade on this planet. My work and passion is to be intriguing about the human body, behaviour, psychology and wellness. The more I am researching and working with clients. The more I see about our Motivation and how it doesn’t last us long enough to serve us. 


Imagine that you have just been to a great talk , where the speaker has made you realise what you can do with your potential. Highly motivated everyone cheers and the atmosphere is electrifying. This newfound motivation stays with you for few days but slowly it dies and you begin to look for another motivating talk. 

It has happened with me too. Several times. Working in health and fitness industry I have seen many of us use this tool with all the good interests in our hearts to motivate our clients to reach their goal. When I started personal training I knew the person has signed up for few session , I have to motivate enough so that he/she can lose few inches, weight, and whatever their goal was to get ready for a marriage or to get boyfriend/girfriend. I worked really well with them and help them in achieve that goal too. 

My own experience though was very different then that. When I took charge of my health and well being, I wanted to get rid of my ankle pain, if somebody knocks at door I can immediately jump out from floor and open the door, I can play with my kids more. Yes, people also were passing comments on how I looked in front of my handsome husband, that was worrying too. 

When I started walking I just practiced it as a habit to wake up early and do few steps or few minutes of walking outside till I can do it comfortably. Then came the point later that could I do it a bit more than usual. When I joined Gym everyone was asking why did she join? I had just want to be healthy, vital and vibrant, too really feel my age.

A journey is not about the end result but it’s more about the process and faith. 

During my training with clients the pressure of showing the transformation and giving results was so heavy in gym environment where I use to train that I would have to adjust with my own knowledge and experiences. It was quite intimidating  for clients too because they are spending their time and money , if the result doesn’t show in them they believe it’s their failure too. 

I am lucky to have been educated and trained by few great coaches in this industry.  They have their courses and teaching which talks more about how to live healthy, create life-force in body, make better choices and rest and rejuvenate. In nut shell how training should be. 

Why does your motivation not work and how you can convert it into inspiration?

Motivation has a short life. You achieve something and then it’s gone. It has short life span but we can convert that motivation into inspiration by taking action each day, and stepping up your game. Taking action can progress or evolve you.

“Because motivation is perishable you must find something worth doing over and over again. In many cases it means never being able to say, “I’m finished!” There’s no final destination. This is the power of being purpose-oriented instead of the goal-oriented route most people take”- Nia Shank

Now coming back to my journey of fitness and health. I was the single one in group of 15 women whose weight was not shifting at all or was a very small change initially. What make me stick with my routine of walking, running , exercise and eating plain home cooked food was. It gave me a dream to follow. I use to put on my shoes each morning because that made me give few minutes to spend with me and only me. Going to Gym was meeting friends who were in the same journey and I was very new to exercise so worshiping the gym instructor like my guru worked for me too. The more I get in to it I become confident, smart and more mobile. My waist from 38 inches went to 30 inches and still the same for 17 years now. 

How inspiration is different? 

Inspiration never finishes, its work is never done or completed. 

Each day you learn and grow. 

You never think you know everything. 

You become wiser.

You become more mindful. 

You do not care much about others what they will think of your next step because you can clearly see where it is leading you too. 

You do make small goals in life but that’s not your end destination, it’s just a smaller step to move .

Now look at work too . We often think that chasing a big salary cheque is the answer but honestly if we show up or enjoy what we do, money will follow too.http://www.inc.com/chuck-blakeman/a-new-study-says-stop-chasing-money-you-ll-be-more-successful-pursuing-a-big-why.html

At the end i will say

Do not look for this summer only look forward for all the seasons which you are going to spend. 

Look for your daily energy level and life as a whole. 

Live a fuller life with dreams to follow.

Walk as if you have all the right to walk in this planet earth with all the purpose in life. 

Keep yourself away from people, things who will distract you from your inspiration. 

What is your next step from now? 

I know what’s my very clearly and I am working towards it, I am inspired and has a bigger purpose to fill too.