The other day I was writing my personal statement and I looked back at my journey in fitness world which has given me so much but at the same time it has taught me lot of life lessons too, which is price less. I do not know how my Blog will progress but my gut feeling says that this blog will be one of my best blog for sure in my eyes.

My daughter is 16 now.  I decided to work on my beautiful body when she was 2 year old. We all need something much bigger than us to move and bring change. I was accustomed to hearing lot of abusive, self- hatred words, degrading my whole existence just because of one reason only that I was not seen as very well matched to my handsome husband.  I was big but trust me I was the same woman from inside as I am now just that I have become more wiser and kinder too with time.

So yes my turning point in life was when I was really humilated and felt worthless  in an incidence but something inside me stood strongly for me and I thought it had been enough to rely on others to make me happy and healthy.   So I took charge of my own health and life.

I started walking; then running. I joined a gym and soon I figured it out my body is made for lunges and squats. I started training people without any qualification in fitness first but than I qualified myself as group instructor. Soon with my hard work, dedication and passion i become personal trainer, Kettle bell instructor, TRX trainer, Circuit trainer and did few nutritional courses too. I was fit, smart, intelligent but somehow still I was not enough in my own eyes. In every course or seminar that I attended, there was someone who was more fit and better than me. The quest to become perfect did not stop at any point in my life. I signed up for a year long nutrition and weight management competition where I had to submit a picture in bikini. I got a lot of ‘wow’s for my picture, but when I looked at it, for the first time I thought its not that Old Archna who I knew. It may me wonder about what dream I was chasing and who was I trying to prove that I am beautiful. Believe me, I had a very good shape and perfect health, but there was something still missing! I realised, I was still chasing those wounds, hurts from childhood and I was still listening to the words which in first place had made me move. I was very confused but at the same time I know that I will find a way.   As I had found my way to fitness and my career.

Second phase started with learning more about the body and how the muscles get cramp, pain, shorten, lengthen, stressed and issues related to posture. I was ready to dive deeper to find my answers. I did bio-mechanic course from UK. I found Paul Chek from internet than I started learning more about him and his work.  The more I read, the more I was convinced  that this will get me closer to where i want to go. His training provides one aspect which is to do with movement, corrective exercises, posture in a very scientific way.  I qualified myself as the first level practitioner under the guidance of Mathew Wallden whose knowledge of human body is absolutely amazing. In addition to the human body, I also learnt to focus on mental, emotional and spiritual side of well-being. Suddenly, I could see how this learning was complementing the work as practitioner and holistic coach. I continued my qualifications and completed the highest level in this field. During the course, I also got an opportunity to wok with Emma Lane who is one of the finest practitioners I have known and I learnt so much from her.

Very soon, my work and my whole life start transforming in a big way. I could see deeper in my client’s psyche and the reasons for her issues and the results were amazing. One of my early client, during this time was a young girl who came to me for weight reduction.  While consulting her, I also realised that she’s dealing with addiction and self harm issues. Armed this this knowledge, I started working with her on both the issues and I can proudly say she not only got out of her issues but passed out from one of the best universities. Now this was a very different result that I was used to getting from my clients:  I just did not change the body shape and size, but helped them get away from the causing agents permanently.  Its was not just the body that changed, but their life as well, by helping them identify the purpose to live. This was a fascinating twist in my journey to knowledge.  The more I learnt, the more my hunger grew to understand human emotions and their impact on your body and life.  I worked with Anodea judith on Chakra system, with Debra Goldstone on crystal therapy and with J P Spears on self sabotage. During this period, I continued to build insight on my own on healing and inner child issues.

They say, human body is the most complex machine.  And I totally agree with this.  The more I learn, the more I realise how less do we know about the impact of our thoughts, actions, food and behaviour on our body.  How we treat our body is due to what kind of life we had led when we were kids, the family where we grew, the neighbourhood and the environment in the school.  Your work place, your colleagues and your friends, all have an impact on how you treat your body.  My training in fitness, complemented by Holistic Life coaching skills, training in precision nutrition and knowledge of Chakra System takes me closer to understanding the reasons behind the manifestations that show on your body – it may be your weight, your complexion, your reaction to food or exercise.

Our body gets fuel through eating.  Look around you, there are people who eat like crazy, there are people who are very careful about what they eat; and there are people who simply don’t care.  There are so many myths about food, about diet and nutrition.  Why is that some person who eats like crazy can still maintain their weight?  Why do some, who despite being very careful about their diet, end up suffering from a lot of food related diseases?  I myself have experimented with a lot of food types and have seen varying results on my and my clients’ body.  I was always intrigued by the effect of food on our body.

You know, learning never stops and my questions on food and eating habits led to a new learning journey on the Psychology of Eating with Marc David.  The past almost eight months has been a series of revelations –   with loads of resarch work, books to read and his amazing course. In 2 months time I will qualify as a Coach in Psychology of Eating.  And I wonder what next, after this.

Starting as a fitness trainer in a gym, I continued my quest for knowledge.  The knowledge that would help me meet the trust of my clients; will help me put conviction in my prescriptions to my client and the courage to challenge the ‘marketing gimmicks’ of boot camps, revolutionary diets and all those ‘drop a kg in a day’ workouts and diets.  I don’t claim to possess the holy grail of knowledge – but my prescriptions are based on knowledge and proven experimentation over a number of years.  I have a good figure and I’m proud of it.  I don’t look my age; and I’m proud of it.  but to me my most important achievement is my health, and my tuning with my body.  Whatever be the shape or size of my body, I stand for a purpose and a dream which is much bigger that that.

I lot of my friends/colleagues who know me from sometime, tell me that I have achieved all this as I had a lot of support.  True, I have two wonderful grown up kids – one in the University and the other about to go to a college, a wonderful husband who supports me and an adoring dog.  And  my parents who brought me up with unconditional love. But most of you have the same.  I graduated in Humanities and was a software engineer.  Changing your career in your mid life while balancing your family life, is not easy.  There have been occasions in the past when I questioned my ability; when others questioned my abilities, when I was struggling to e a good mother and a wife while completing the assignments for a course.  What saw me through was my firm determination.  And if you’re determined, you’ll see through the worst onslaughts that life can throw on you.

I get a number of enquiries from potential clients who want to work with me.  The key thing that I look for in them is how determined they are to resolve their challenges.  If I see the spark of determination, I am very happy to work with them.  And I keep on fuelling that determination.  Changing a life-long habit or belief is not easy.  It can cause you immense stress.  And to those around you.  But if you’re determined, one day everything falls in place.  And when you look at yourself in the mirror, you wonder if the person in the mirror is the same.

When I lookout myself in the mirror I feel very proud of the image?