As a health Coach who has been working in fitness and health for so long, the industry has progressed very far in my opinion. Our opinion on what to eat and what not to eat has changed. I am sitting in a cafe with my coffee and a pecan slice . Someone who knows me may immediately judge me for having that slice and ruining just not my health but giving a bad name to the health industry by eating something like this.

Most of us are scared to post pictures of our moments of eating something unhealthy, of not eating a colourful plate of food. We are not only judged in public but if it is on social media then people will start judging you too.

Announcing yourself as a vegan or a vegetarian is like watching everyone come together and start sending you articles and research of why you should not do what you are doing. I am not denying there isn’t some great work there but my point is more about listening to our own body wisdom and being mindful of what you are eating.

Clean eating, exercise has gone too far now. We are missing a very big point of this. Life is to be nurtured, nourished , celebrated too.

Like the seasons, we human too have different phases in life where we go on healing diet, building diet, maintainence  diet, celebration diet, letting go diet, nourishment diet, childhood diet and grieving diet. I know you have not heard of any of these because it’s not in main stream fitness and health.

Once in a big health club I was asked to take my poster down because it said “Diet doesn’t work”. It was sending a negative message to people, that was the concern of administrative. I just thought: “Wow! we have moved very very far from our own body wisdom and mindfulness”.

So do you think now that I am against healthy eating or are you listening that it is okay to eat whatever you want irrespective of your health or concern towards health?

If yes than you need to read it again the message here is not about what to eat, it’s more about what is mindfulness eating. What does a positive mind frame achieve? What is your own body wisdom? What phase of life you are in?

Let me introduce me to myself. I am coming from a middle class family, raised as vegetarian lot of fruits ,vegetables , grains and lentils around. Warm weather so were used to drink plenty of water too. Biscuits and savoury snacks was there too but very limited. Thank god I did not grow up with drinking soda and junk. My father never smoked or drank alcohol so that was something which I would say has never attracted me either.

When I was struggling to lose weight I learnt more by observing, stories of wise women and men and of course few great books too. I was always aware of why did I put weight on first place? why I was not healthy ? It was just not diet or exercise but far more than that.

I learnt to control, punish myself and I started losing weight. Instead of being thrilled of my achievement I was bit more curious to dig deeper. I started working as personal trainer to people. The people who I trained were getting result but at the end of the day I always thought that what if they stop doing what I have taught them, if they will come out of diet and they will start putting on weight.

I felt like a fraud at times, but then my own inquest to know more about body as a whole didn’t stop. I did many long term, short term courses, read plenty of books and experimented with my body and diet. I came up with lot of help from some great coaches who are living the life in true sense. I learnt about body wisdom and slowly I had the key to the question of eating and exercise .

Now some of you will be eager to say what is it ? Do you have a book on that diet and exercise ? If these are the questions coming to your mind than friends its time to read slowly again. It’s not diet but its about mindfulness in eating.

1- Eat slowly, chew each bite as long as you can.

2- Put joy, pleasure, love on everything you cook and eat .

3- As you crave for cakes and biscuits , when you are connected to your body wisdom you will start craving for soups, salads, greens, fruits too. Honour your own body wisdom.

4- Look at phases in your life when stress is too high or you are dealing with a illness of your closed one your body gets into just surviving mode. You eat to keep going and that’s okay , it’s the phase of your life.

5- When we are sick or ill , we go into diet which heals us from inside. I have a cold now and the food I am craving is all hot, energetic food any salad or cold food is last in my list.

6-When you connect to your wisdom, you will see processed or highly modified food will stop giving you the pleasure what it used to give you initially . So it’s not the advice from anyone but you are ready to dig deeper to know your body needs.

7- Always be a scientist by mind so experiment , observe but never get too attached with a result because every diet has a self life too.

8- Movement is not punishment , anything what you enjoy bring it in your life . It has direct correlation with our eating habits, metabolism and your positive outlook towards life and your life-style.

9- Eating with family and friends brings joy in our life and we feel connected too. We can slowly introduce the new food in our table while serving that way we all can benefit from health , nutrition and nourishment.

10- Listen to your own call in the way you eat or the food you chose to eat because we all have different call in this planet earth to follow.

11- Work with people who are experienced and has a positive mindful relation with their body, food and mind. Believe me when we are stuck sometimes we need coaches, teachers to show us the path.

My every meal I eat , I try to connect it with my soul and their might me some meal when I am not mindful my body immediately shows me the disconnection. ENJOY you own Body -wisdom , BE Mindful in what you eat .