It’s about my unborn child which was there with me for nine months. People think when you have not seen a born baby or have not played with her, how come you get attached. I wanted to share my thoughts on that because I have gone through that journey 14 years ago. Still I consider her as my daughter. It’s not that I have not moved but she is still there. I was conceived with her in 1995,I don’t remember a day when I would have not talked to her. We named her Asmiha. I was there every second with her ,can listen to her heart beat and so many little talks we used to have. You get attached to your unborn child from first day, it’s strange to some people but yes there is a definite bounding. I never realised she will go so soon because she never shared that with me, I am still angry with her for that because otherwise I would have said Good bye to her. My milk didn’t stop after she was born still because mentally I was with her. She was given to river Ganges and I still remember my husband, who did that ritual ,use to wake up in middle of night all sweaty thinking weather he has by mistake put a alive baby there. I lost a part of my soul after this. I didn’t see her and that was again a very unfair part on the doctors and my husband because that was my creation and I so much wanted to see that part of me. She was born on 3 march 1996.
This is my first blog and I wanted to dedicate it to all the mums who has lost someone.