I am writing this with my experiences and working with clients for a long time seeing them struggling with their weight and health. I am one of those who can easily put on weight in past with a blink of an eye but now my weight doesn’t change so drastically. I put few than its taken care of by my lifestyle, my own body-wisdom. I am not the same weight what I was in my university days but damn it I am not 17 I am nearly 50 now.

I am not promising you anything here but I am passionately writing about something which I believe and knows work for everyone. Trust me it is a work of my observations, learning, practices of years.

We all know to lose weight need to concentrate on energy in and out. Right?

We all are convinced that we need to do all the funky movements to lose weight.

There are few damn lucky people around us they can eat any garbage but still remain slim.

We all consider some luckier than us in all aspects of life and that’s why its easier for them to be in their best health.

I would not say here that it’s no to everything what I just mentioned or yes but what if I for a while request you to just focus and read what am I writing next. Trust me here my intention is not to make you small, unworthy or to think it’s not possible but It’s my passion to show you all the wisdom which I think we all owe has to tap in.

When I started my weight journey I believed just in food and exercise but the older I am getting and more I am interacting with real people, the real knowledge I feel I know a bit here to add on weight loss chapter.

I have closely noticed my journey towards my health and the way I have become in years. From a least confident, shy, jealous, small, sick, unworthy person, I have become a confident, loving and passionate person.

One of my relatives ask me this time you were never so smart or creative how come you become one? In a way, she was saying how you become smart from dumb. I didn’t say much to her there because I have learnt by my experiences do not waste your time and energy to defend yourself or force someone to change opinion about you because in that way you are helping your mental health. It’s IMPORTANT.

So now you all must be eager to know the magical truth of what goes in for losing weight?

First of all get yourself checked for any medical condition which you have, that might be the reason of you gaining more weight. But I must insist no matter what you can still notice the change by following these things what I am going to share with you.

1- I totally believe in simple, home cooked food and eat more plants, drink more water but I do think sometimes when you eat what nourishes your soul or childhood memories enjoy and be mindful always.

2- Going to the gym if you don’t like it has an adverse effect rather than explore more outdoor activities. Exercise helps in making you feel happy and energetic.

3- Watch your whole day activity what you do? That counts a lot. Ironing, cleaning, cooking, gardening everything counts to your calories expenditure.

So this is something which we all know and if we are trying to lose weight we have done it too but still, you find hard to lose weight. Now sit back straight and read what I am going to write.

1- Remove toxicity from your life. Fewer chemicals, less toxic people help in a big way to clear the path for healthy living.

2- Practice Mindfulness, Practicing doesn’t mean sitting crossed legs for minutes or hours but here I am trying to say that practice stillness but do be mindful in each activity you do, the thing you say, things you find hard to let go.

3- Go to bed early without any distractions but honestly lie down for 7-8 hours in rest and relaxation. Sleep will help you to make less stress hormone and will help you to burn rigid fat. Your body will slowly get the signal war is over and it can relax, rejuvenate and thrive.

4- This is honestly I will recommend everyone to do spend time in nature. Water, trees, birds, animals, woods, mountains all give us a different kind of calmness and it reduces our anxiety for future. It teaches us to live in Now. We get more oxygen and our mind becomes less judgmental of others and things. New ideas, solutions we get by spending time.

5- Be creative in whatever attracts you. Writing, painting, cooking, dancing, gardening, the interior of your home. Creativity opens our inner child desire and it teaches us to be vast and big without fear.

6- Do not stay with people or things which will make you less, which can’t see the love flow in you. Be with people who cherish you, enjoy your company, inspires you, brings positive feedback.

7- Let go of the idea of losing weight or looking a certain way and do the best you can.

8- Remember consistency, discipline, baby-steps all are the floor to walk daily on.

9- Be grateful each day no matter how hard, bad or challenging your day is, you can still find numbers of things to be grateful of. Let me remind you you are breathing. alive isn’t it something to be grateful of.

10- Be mindful of where you spend your time, money, energy and that would guide you to places where you do not want to spend and the places where you want to spend.

11- Laugh with your friends and family on everything or anything. Forgive more to live more.

12- Daily rituals, practices what you do is what will tap your own wisdom, that is your own resources which you will develop to come back to when life throughs challenges towards health in any way mental, spiritual.

When I walk in the grass barefoot I connect with mother earth in a way where I feel her love, her presence in me.

When I sun gaze I feel the sun rays penetrating me and making me shine.

When I hug a tree I know I belong.

When I see squirrels with nuts in its mouth, it reminds me that I am born to play big, not small.

When I have a bowl of food to eat, I am grateful of all the farmers, the food, my cooking everything.

When I do movement or walk I am grateful for my body which provides me with this.

I am grateful for my pain and hurt that has made me what I am today.

So now you know weight loss is just not in books, pictures, food or movement. We all have a key hidden inside us. That key is called our own body-wisdom. You will take the time to find this because it’s hidden deep inside us with the way the world around us has made us.

We are not Robot or machine, we are individually born with gifts and talents of our own. Do not make yourself so small to get a narrow waist but make yourself so big and powerful that your whole body can start showing the magic to you.

Let go of what needed to go extra fat then let it be, accept what your body needs to embrace it with gratefulness.

Your battle is not with food or anything but it’s very much with you.