What can we do differently to get the maximum benefit from all we do regarding health? 

Let me start this. A real conversation which happened with my clients and their friends. My program which I do is a slow, steady and transformative program . It’s not an instant one where you drop two sizes or lose weight in a blink. So when my clients tried to explain it to their friends that they are getting coaching to help change their life. Most of my clients were asked

How much weight will you lose?

What diet plan are you following?

Is your exercise plans like a boot camp?

So to answer all the curiosity of theirs. They will lose whatever weight is needed to be lost. They will gain more of their body-wisdom, mindfulness and a healthy lifestyle to move forward. They will have a better mind and body to focus on their bigger life purpose and achieve their small goals.

It’s not easy for my clients to stick with me in start because they’re are so many examples around them which lose weight fast or get healthy fast. They may start doubting me sometimes because when something is available quick and fast why they should do it slowly? Their friends start posting their own pictures like lost this much, this size now. Then my clients come back with lot of questions and desperation as to why they haven’t seen an instant change.

Now I need them to understand or anyone who is on the journey of wellness and being mindful of their choices. These are the things which are worth noticing. 

1- Learn from someone who has lost weight.  And has kept the weight off not just for one season or year but has maintained that.

2-Stop comparing your transformation or journey with anyone or stop engaging in talks with people who are just stuck in numbers and dress sizes.

3- Make friends with people who talk about strength, who do things to live fully and mindfully here. Who are adventurous and daring. To these people transformation means living life better than yesterday. 

4- Stop self-criticising talk and self-hating talk. In most cases we get trapped in other people’s perception and comments because we lack self-love. 

5- No matter how slow you are but if you are daily and consistently changing things in your life, learning at least one new thing. You will rock your world. 

6- Ask yourself how many diets, how much self-hating talk have you done in past and where it has led you. 

7- Look and watch out for pitfalls, people who can again drag you down in the path which leads for instant gratification or success .

8- Trust and believe in the work of your teachers, coaches or people who you have chosen to work with, question them but trust the process.

9- In a world of chaos and noises , listening to your true self is an art. Take time out to quieten your mind , be mindful and look for your deep desires and curiosity. 

10- Purpose should be to live a life fully, functional and meaningful . At least the last day on this planet earth you will not regret that you smiled less, shared less or live less.IMG_4720