I often wake up quite early, take my dog to park and walk barefoot on grass. It’s always bit nippy and cold on feet initially but then the sensation, the touch and the connection of earth and my foot is just too amazing.

I realise that walking early morning is really so great that it has helped me in many ways. I know science, many articles have proven its benefits but let me tell you my own unique experiences.

I am really flat foot but with my background on corrective exercises, I have really worried on it a lot. To me personally walking bare foot on grass has benefited a lot. I had severe swelling and pain few days back on my heel and foot. I didn’t take any pain killer but just did some home remedies and whenever I get opportunity just to walk few minutes, I walked on my garden barefoot and in park. I always felt better after few steps. My flat foot gets tremendous help in strengthening the flexor. Walking on grass realises the pressure from soles, calves and your whole leg and body relaxes. The tight muscles get loosen up.


My eye-sight is pretty good and I know walking on grass is really great for eye sight. When you walk bare foot it has deep impact on first toe and in reflexology our foot has many pressure point and our big toe is attached to our eye sight. Walking on grass the colour green has deep impact on our eyes and heart.

When we walk on grass it is a great exercise for grounding, feeling safe and secure. Many people ask me the reasons why I am not stressed usually. I think this is one of the greatest tool to feel grounded safe and secure. People who are suffering with depression or anxiety try it for 21 days. I bet you will feel more relaxed.

This may sound crazy to you but a lot of a time when I absorb other people negative energy or I myself indulge in negative talks I walk barefoot on grass. It’s true, even the fact is that even our Earth has some energy and this energy is usually remarked as based upon negative ions. Studies have actually proven that the 60% water mass of our body is efficiently grounded by this negative ionic charge of the Earth. This negative charge from take away stress from our system helps to calm us down.

If you are finding inflammation or low immune problem this is one of the greatest way to come to tune.

I can keep on writing the benefit of it but you need to explore on your own to believe. It increases our oxygen intake, it brings appreciation and respect for little things in life and a deep connection with nature, it is free to explore, your feet takes its own shape when you walk like that. It helps us to absorb energy.


If you have children let them play bare foot and it will be so beneficial for their health and wellbeing.

I am humbler, kinder and thankful when I do my barefoot walking. I generally do my Tai-chi, Sun salutation bare foot. Seeing the rising sun or setting sun bare foot is connecting from mother earth to universe. Our chakras dance and we become more aware of our life and its beauty.