I was just reading some fantastic comments on my blog and I thought “wow that’s great that people liked the information and my style of writing”. I have always been a keen writer. I remember when I was a kid I use to write on back of my note book and most of my time in bathroom was spend on making lyrics or poems. I did try to shine two or three times by showing my story or poem to teachers but as a result, I had to stand outside the class as a punishment because I was not concentrating on the lessons. So finally I decided there was no point in sharing or showing my writings to anyone but it’s hard to literally not write, if you love writing. I did write countless poems, stories, songs on pages and finally use to throw them in the dustbin. My medium of writing was always Hindi because that is my mother tongue. I gathered the courage, when my kids were small, to write again and show it to people.  I really wrote some good plays for the kids, my old diary came out with some poems to share among my friends.

When I finished my Training as a coach then I decided to write Blogs. I know I am not perfect and what I write is not the best but I know that I am a honest writer whether it’s about exercise, food, spiritual or motivational stuff  I try to give it my touch of simplicity and honesty. I do not have a lot of vocabulary in my bag but daily I am filling it up with more. I’m not a perfect writer if you will look at my grammar or anything. Again publishing my blogs for people to read was a courageous step for me.

I am sharing this because I know there will be many of you who love to write, paint, dance or sing but you are hesitating because you think you are not good. Just jump in the ocean of things that you love to do, you will learn slowly how to kick and swim smoothly. I started with the same fear and daily I get tons of mail appreciating and admiring my way of writing, my style. It does surprises me at time but do you know what? We always do good on things which we really love to do. With time you improve as well, but never give up.

“I am more often than not wandering all over the online world virtually all of the afternoon which means I possess a tendency to read a lot, which unfortunately isn’t normally a beneficial factor as a great number of the pages I look at are constructed of worthless nonsense copied from various other internet websites a million times, but I gotta say this site is definitely not bad at all and even includes a bit of unique substance, so thank you for removing the trend of exactly replicating other peoples’ blogs and forums”

These are the type of comments which keep me going. Thank you for reading my blog.