I am told so many times by my clients that it is hard for them to do things what they want because it’s there family or friends they consider it odd when they want to change their habits. What is that thing which is hard or difficult to follow? It’s mostly a healthy eating habit or going to bed on time or making time for themselves. I am always surprised when people drink or eat unhealthy nobody notice or bother about it but if you start eating healthy, taking care of yourselves and stop indulging in unwanted food. They start seeing you as a threat or a person who is self-centred. The question is how you would overcome these situations.
The first thing here is no one here is good or bad but it’s more to do with their choices in life. When you comes with your clear choices in life which unfortunately most of us don’t then you are threat to them. You are doing something very different and it’s not acceptable because this is how they have been trained. It’s their association with food and drink which makes them feel that’s their identity or social life. It’s like swimming against a tide for you.
We all go through all these phases but some of us starts realising it that life is more than what we are seeing. It doesn’t happen overnight but yes it can happen to anyone if they are more connected to themselves or grounded. So now the question is how you can do it when you feel everyone around has different choices than yours. The biggest mistakes which most of us do are to start putting our choices in life to others. I totally discourage this idea because you are ready to change they are not. Once you are clear about this then your mind is at peace and your No is more adamant and strong. You start loving people in a different way and here comes the disassociation between that person and their choices. It’s an interesting journey once you know your choices are doing well to you, your body and soul. You transform just not from outside but inside too. It’s your light which is going to affect your near and dear too but they need to recognise it as a light.
Alone standing is not shame or disgrace if you are there for good cause; every new change you make in your life you are the leader and innovator. You will be left alone by some but there are some who will join you in your journey. I learnt this from my coach Krista.