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We often time think about nutrition as very black and white, either a food has life or it is life less. Good or bad but in human history food is one thing which is magical, supportive, life giving, connection, our life force.

The more I am studying the psychology, nutrition, food. I am becoming firm believer that there is many other aspect of it and we all unlock the one we understood by our prospective, experiment or looking at others. We try hard to get that fit in other people nutritional knowledge or understanding.

I just imagine two scenario in front of me and with my view point the nutritional value of food changes drastically.

Imagine its a cold winter night, you are sitting in front of fire place with your dog, kids and loved ones. Everyone is doing something the atmosphere is of calmness and connection. You are writing and than comes a hot chocolate drink for you. You drank it slowly and feeling gratitude , love towards what you have been given . You are mindful of what you are drinking the sweetness associate with the sweet flowing in your own life, the cocoa associate with the flow of calmness and appreciation, the milk (nuts, coconut ) wrap you to the warmth of your mother, the cinnamon to the species in your own life as it is folding.

Your digestion improves, your capacity to absorb the nutrient increases, vitamin-L lover flows in you and you enjoy every sip of it to last bits.

Now imagine the same scenario but now you have just come out with a stressful day and you grab a cup of hot chocolate, you really wants it but than you know its not going to help with your ongoing struggle with weight issues and life but you need it now. You gulp it and you feel calmed and relaxed but after just few minutes the guilt creeps in and you cursed yourself to be not good enough, no will power and a failure in life. All that has gone in is hard to digest because just now you have urge to throw , or place the drink to a place where its not visible to you.

Where will that indigent experiences goes in our body? does it convert in heart burn, fat, inflammation or just let us feel tired and exhausted ?

To my understanding we need time to time to relax, surrender, let go and enjoy. Our metabolism, our health improves, thrive with balance. Excessive or deficient of anything will make us feel not good. So stop labelling or cursing food and start rewiring your own system so that it can metabolise, thrive and live to its full potential.