I was talking to someone today who was going on holiday and she very genuinely suggested me that I must book a holiday. Just not earn money or study. I thought yes holiday is not a bad idea at all but then I start looking at something else and guess what, as usual my search was on some research or courses. I realised one thing that maybe for some people buying things, going for holidays are a great relaxation or break. I feel it’s very hard for people to know what makes one happy or relaxed. I love doing things which I am longing for, dreaming for. I take break when I need to for me walking on woods or sea shore itself is a big relaxation. Sometime spending time on my own is great too.
I love holidays but it’s secondary for me now. In nut shell it’s very important to know what makes one person happy or content is different then the other person but definitely Holiday is in my list too maybe in future.