My Chek Holistic life style coach training was it a surprise or was it what I asked all the time direction for my own and others development. I would say both. I walked in the room full with people apart from three whom I know before but felt like I am one of them, don’t know why but I did. My teacher was Emma yes I know her because I did my level-1 with her. Ok so a feeling of safe and security was addressed here.
In the lectures I was listening exactly the same stuff what I was there for. Each day walking out from lecture I talked to myself on way back saying yes this is what I am here for, universe has a strong sense of directing you if you really want a direction. We all who were there were looking for just not what we look from inside but for the true ourselves. I finished my course in a way but it’s a starting of that course now. I am learning each day with an empty mind to exactly see what I am here for and how can I change someone’s life. I am not God but have learnt to respect some of his Directions and the purpose of me being here. My bigger Goal in life is as clear as Crystal to me. To get me here where I am today in Spiritual and mental way I must thanks all those people who has learnt this and are now sharing and changing life of others. Proud to say now I am one of those.