The point is who is watching you when you are creating, working hard, believing in your dreams. Honestly, it’s only you who has been constantly driven by your passion and dreams.
Some may judge you, some may criticise you or some might decide to support you. Different waves, different opinion but the true passion lies within you.

I always feel that in any dream which we want to pursue we have to recreate our own story first. The self-limiting beliefs which we carry, other people opinion on how we are. Everything needs to be looked with a perspective of an old story which we have told us so far.

Nothing has a tight grip on us if we truly start to stop believing what doesn’t serve us. Our #mindfulness practices, #rituals, #dreams all contribute to our story and its in our hand how to shape us.

We are created at moments when we create an atmosphere and feel of no one is watching us or responsible other than us then we truly believe in creating our dream with our action and value.

I have often felt no help, judgment from others but I have realised that more I believe in that I give charge of my own stories in the hand of others. I am the creator here, it’s my story and I would do it my way.

Our true power is hidden if we do not create or believe in our own dreams and potential.

Do you have #courage to sail your boat alone in a stormy sea?

Learn how to swim against the waves first, how to sail against it. That stormy sea is a reminder of our stories which we tell ourselves all the time but learning to swim against is what we want to create now as our story.

Break your story into different steps.

Habits formation.

Rituals which will help you in creating a solid foundation.

Small steps daily to create something new.

Writing Morning pages to see where is your believes flowing.

Maintaining a journal.

Create characters inside you who can strengthen your story and give it a direction.

Do not share with anyone who you know will try to manipulate or just be judgmental.

Make a vision board.

Practice Mindfulness.

Eat and move mindfully that will contribute in a big way in your story.

Make your team of people who genuinely are interested in your story.

Take time out often from it to adventure or just bringing some fun and pleasure in life. That’s crucial to make it lively.

Silently give your time, attention and hard work without worrying about approval or consent from others.