Hey!Beautiful! relax in your own skin.

In fitness, everyone is chasing for six pack, sexy legs and a body which can fit in small dresses. I am not saying that I hate exercise or eating healthy but what if the above goal is not mine at all.

People in fitness world will make you feel less for not having the body what they suppose it should be for you.

What if I do not live in a big house and drive a fancier car?

How can I be less if I feel great and wonderful with what I own?

What if I do not change my fashion statement with each passing months?

Maybe I am season myself and love the transformation which goes inside me.

What if my aim or goal is to be happy with what I achieved in each small moments in my life.

What if I am satisfied and content with that I can eat three meals in a day without worrying about my next meal.

There is nothing wrong in feeling satisfied and content. If people around you want to push you from where you are feeling grounded, healthier, happy and content. They actually need to learn from you what contentment and happiness definition is for you rather than trying to make everyone similar.

As a health freak, I do love my workouts, my body movement the way it transforms or sometimes the way it refuses to workout or just wants to be still. I respect its decision and about my being satisfied with how I am.

I feel more of myself when I can do many things what I love to do. When I write, I talk to loved ones, when I help strangers, when I watch funny videos of animals, walks. Many more things like this make me more and happy.

I do not chase a lot of money in my life but I do feel content and satisfied by what I have got in the present and if I need more I create opportunities and flow as I am guided by the universe. It might be a relaxed approach but I do feel abundance and worth in my life by doing it with my own pace.IMG_4104

My happiness lies in each moment and I do pat myself with very little achievement or am touched with small things too. I am not just waiting for the bigger moment in my life but I live each day with what it brings. It doesn’t mean that my dream is less than anyone else.

My clothes reflect my inner contentment, the proud feminine and each season I do not chase shops for what’s in fashion but I can feel the transformation which happens inside me. I can dress with elegance and neatness with whatever I have got and trust me I honestly think I own a lot of clothes.

My food is life giving for me and I do respect and say thanks to each bite what I eat or drink. I refuse to abuse my body and that’s my decision as a person but at the same time when food is for connection and celebration, I am in for it in my own way.

I measure health by that I can shop and lift my all bags and things and can walk easily miles with that. I wake up fresh most of the days. I have the energy to carry on my daily work and sometimes more than that.

I am not busy all the time and neither do I want to that’s how I live my life.

I am tough and strong when needed but I choose to be soft, kind and compassionate if that can help me to deal with the situation.

We all have to embrace our own pace, own way of living and when we live with that attitude and values we flow in our life. Nothing can disturb our mental peace and dignity by knowing what we truly want, how we are and who we are.