I just realised that I have not written anything in 2012 so it’s not too late to write on 10 January 2012. Today one of my clients told me she is planning to throw a big Birthday party but her problem was her list of friends and family which was getting bigger and bigger. She told me that this is causing her stress so what can she do. I looked at her long list and it looked like my FB friends list. So I asked her how well you know them and her reply was I know everyone because I am a very friendly person. My next question was Do you really want to cut some people from your list? She said I would love to. I told her the solution is very simple and clear as far as you understand. We all have loads of friends and family too. We love to invite everyone once in a while but it’s not possible so how can we make our list short here;
Sit with your pen and pencil and write down the names here who is really very jealous of you for any reasons and you are inviting him or her to show how well off you are or how many people you know.
Second come those who are really very superior in your eyes and you are inviting them to impress or be more friendly.
Third are those who are there because you share everything enjoy each other company, you exchange gifts between them.
Forth are those who are really important in your life who has shared good and bad days with you. To them it doesn’t matter what was your gift last time when it was there big day or what will they think of you if your party was really flop.
Now you have to decide who are your real friends or family and who lifts you up when you are down. Who will stay with you if you have no materialistic things with you?
This was my suggestion to my client and while driving back I thought I must do the same with my list of friends and relative. Life would be much easier and there will be more space for people who would love to be with you.