Why do we fail in our fat loss goal?

1- I have often experience people want to do things 110 per-cent and perfection often leads to failure. Let me give you an example we start a diet with all the good intention or am exercise regime. We often become very strict to what we are following but in our mind we keep on missing things what we like to eat or enjoy doing. So in that process we one day just give up and indulge in the food which we have labeled bad or to avoid. We get in the cycle of shame and guilt after ward. Right?

So what can we do differently to help ourselves in the goal of our fat loss differently?

We need to remember that chasing perfection leads to less joy and learning from our failure. We need to remember our life is not exactly the same each day or every moment. It keep on changing but the beauty is accepting our failure and learning the lessons which you only get to know when you are playing in the field.

It might be some family emergency, some festival , holidays or your health can pull you back from your regime but if we understand that its part of the game and we are still playing . The chances are we will bounce back .

2- How many people you know who has lost certain weight and looks great for short term but gained everything back again or might be more. What’s the strategy of sustaining that fat loss or keeping it off for Long term.

You might be thinking now its something hidden or secret or genetic? If I would say you No it isn’t you will not believe me but honestly it is not.

We are made of habits and our simple, flexible and easy to follow things are often ignored in long term plans . 

Let me give you an example take stairs often, Walk whenever you can, Drink more water, Start your day with a glass of warm water and lime. 

Many of you will say this is quite simple and easy. Right? But honestly tell me how many days you have stick with these simple rules. 

With my experience and work I have known their are many great health coaches, personal trainers and Gurus but what they fail to address is that long lasting result is often the accumulation of many habits, practice in periods of time. 

Take one habit at a time stick with it till it becomes one with your routine. 

3- When we punish ourselves, feel guilty or shamed it will work for us? Right 

NO , it doesn’t . I hit gym after two weeks of not feeling 100 percent with my body or mind but when I chose to exercise I always look my body as a amazing awesome indicator of my mind-body and soul. It needs longer  rest sometime, it needs more fat to store , it needs to focus on something else . So my body shape or the extra fat is never a shame or guilt to me, I do not punish my body but I take it as a strength in me which works great when I focus on my weight lifting, functional training or walking. It give me more without controlling or shaming. 

4- Why not make your journey more enjoyable . Lets have a scenario of going somewhere in vacation and you have your friends or family with you. You will often find in that group there will be one person who no matter what adversity or uncertainity we face makes that journey so enjoyable and fun for us . We often remember that holiday or vacation more than any other. WHY? 

When we look at our fat loss more than how we look or be seen , we enjoy the process more. Our inspiration starts from us, we motivate ourselves more. We become more mindful of our action and deeds. We start enjoying some simple, great vibrant food which slowly helps in our journey. We start exploring for possiblities of how to make it more fun and long lasting. 

Finding way to enjoy have fun at present, it is always simple and straight. Few days you will challenge yourself more. will look for some complexity and that’s great too. 

5-  My clients sometime forget to see their achievement beyond their weight, fat-loss . What is important to remember how far you have come in your journey. I have often see people fail to recgnise or appreciate their journey because they focus just on end result. What changes you have made ? how you have started incorprating more healthy food and movement daily in your life. How it has changed your mind-set? How you feel less tired or fatigue? how your stool has improved? how your sex life is rocking? 

Are this not achievement ?

At time of doubt. Reflect back on what you have achieved. Stop blaming game, blaming your will-power. Start living the life which you are creating no matter how slowly you are moving , its important to move.

6- Focus on present. What you can do today, now and in a day. Do not try to waste your energy on long term goals. You know what when we focus on one small goal we make it a step stone for our bigger goal. Not only fat-loss but in any goal in life we need to take steps , we need to create step stone.

When we start taking step consistently we create more steps which leads us to what we dream or aim for but the problem with most of us are we just focus on our bigger goal but we fail to put steps firmly on the goals which leads their so we face failure at end because we didn’t learn anything from basic.

7- We often wait for right moment, right time , right situation in our life. What do we miss in this is our present moment. I often encounter people who will come in my consultation and will tell me they will start doing something when their children are back to school, their hubby gets a job and list goes on and on . What happen with some of us that day never comes when we really want to start something for ourselves or to create a healthy relationship with our body-mind and soul. 

What happen is when we think this will change than something else pops up, when we think that this will go we face something else. Life is always very chaotic, loud, fast moving but we forget who is driving the car here. Our action helps us to calm ourselves down now positive habits leads to another. If we can’t go to gym , let’s walk. If we can’t eat healthy all the time let’s start making one meal which is home-cooked and healthy. 

8- We fail often because we compare ourselves with others fat-loss. Honestly I lose my clients sometime because their hubby, friends or their lack of own insight about them see their changes or transformation nothing big as someone else. We are different and unique . Same hight, same upbringing, same food but we grow differently in same family. Right? 

We are living in a period where social media is loud and more visible than anything in our life. People post their success story with fine abs, six pack, firm glutes , Shaped arm daily . You look at those pictures and here goes your motivation because your friend has achieved this in just 21 days, three months. 

Let me tell you honestly you see just their bodies how they look but you don’t know what other things goes in their life. You compare your life with that one but maybe you are more happy, kind and loving than them . You don’t know anything what goes in someone life. STOP COMPARING. 

Their are many tools which can bring you back to your own needs and your goal . Limit your time in social media, stop engaging with people who makes you feel less than who you are, meditate , pleasure walk, maintain your journal and see your achievement from where you started and where you are. To your close one let them know you do not like being compared or being judged ask them to help you in your journey. 

If you like this post and you think it will help you in your journey. Make few nuggets point, add some of yours, write daily in your note book what you have done differently, maintain one habit at a time. I wish you all the success in your journey. If you want you can share your journey with me. I welcome inspirational stories on my page Breathe Move Love.65288_339995049448066_547826307_n