Sharing this: my #Morning #pages with pure #courage and with humbleness of who I am becoming as a person and #yogic.

Last night I went to my class for yoga and there was no one. I somehow prepared myself for this too and so I came well equipped with my own practice to do.

Initially, it broke my heart. But I had the goddess Tara in my bag and her in a way gave me the courage to start. The place was dark and very quiet. It was hard when my husband asked me how many people had turned up? I felt ashamed and defeated that after so many years of practice and hard work no one was there. I felt I didn’t deserve this but I gathered myself bit by bit and Tara helped me to do that.

Suddenly I realised I am yogic like the one near Ganga who has been practising for hours each day without feeling the urge to be recognised or having someone. People just come to him to see his dedication and many want to learn how they can be one with yoga. He practised it daily to feed his soul and his own love towards yoga.

I realised today as I told my daughter, that when I will be 60-years old I want to flow in each Asana like river Ganga inside me. Failure is just a perception and it is up to us to feel defeated or victorious in our practices.

Many examples started coming to me to give strength and hope, like the trees. They bloom, give fruits, make the soil enrich without thinking of what they will get in return. A true teacher is one who practice, flows and lives truthfully.   

As a big admirer of Berne Brown, I remembered: “Courage stands all alone in the arena without being fearful to be judged or ashamed”. I have got a warrior in me which is ready to stand all alone in my practice and values.

Your practices, your soul food is never less or enough, keep doing it till you are alive. Be a seeker of awareness, love and things will flow with time.

my practice we do will eventually bear fruits. Lakshmi appears in our life as whatever we value, which could manifest as external gifts or as inner qualities.

We often see the gifts as external but if we dig deep our spiritual practices, rituals, our values make our character and soul that can inspire us.

Our daily life becomes a symbol of abundance, radiance.

If we religiously work on things that matter to us, be open to learn and unlearn what not needed. Lakshmi which is a symbol of abundance, prosperity will come to us.

Our simple consciousness can sometimes cannot see the fruit of our practices, discipline and values but our deeper learning and trust bears fruit in our character. We inspire others and ourselves.