Often my clients and friends ask me how I avoid eating out.  For me it is not a big deal.  I believe a more important question is why I avoid eating out.  And this is for various reasons:

I am not sure about the medium in which the food is cooked.  I am not sure about the ingredients that have been used.  And finally, I’d rather use that hard earned money to buy organic food, than waste on momentary culinary delights which, the next day, causes unease, intolerance and bad mood!

I love my food and I can’t bear to eat the same food day in and out.  For me, it is important to have a wide variety and choice.  If you do not have variety, the temptation to eat out gets stronger.  For variety and choice and eating a balanced and good food at home, you need a well-stocked kitchen cupboard.  Here’re some “must haves” for your cupboard:

  • Spices
  • Good quality sea salt
  • Ghee (clarified butter)
  • Coconut oil
  • Herbs
  • Rice cake
  • Nuts
  • Rice
  • Some dried fruits
  • Good organic coffee
  • Fruits like pears, apple, nectarine, papaya , pineapple, coconut  etc
  • Gelatine

And here’re some items for your fridge:

  • Home made broth
  • Orange juice
  • Humus
  • Cottage cheese
  • Some basic marinating stuff like turmeric, chilly, ginger-garlic paste
  • Green vegetables
  • Home made yoghurt
  • Unpasteurized cheese
  • Eggs
  • Carrots, baby tomatoes, radish

And some items for your deep fridge:

  • Frozen fruits
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen sea food
  • Fish
  • Frozen chicken chunks Organic
  • Frozen lamb chunks


If you have all or most of the above, believe me, you’re set!

How can this help you after a busy working day, or on a day when you’re unsure what to cook and tempted to go out?   Here’s what I do. 

I put some frozen fruits in the mixer, add orange juice and some still water (always filtered), add a teaspoon of gelatine, mix it for 2-3 minutes and a delicious glass of fresh smoothie is ready.  Still feeling peckish?  Have a piece of rice cake with hummus and cheese on it.

Want something elaborate?  Marinade your chicken or lamb and grill it with few sliced vegetables such as pepper, or tomatoes.  It tastes heavenly and is extremely nutritious. 

And to finish it off, cottage cheese with cranberries or with finely chopped fruits is a lovely dessert.

Homemade broth is really handy in making any type of soup or curry. For example, roast some garlic in butter add some vegetables; boil it together with broth and just grind it.  Voila!  Your soup, rich in protein is ready in minutes.  Who needs to buy a pack laced with preservatives and chemicals?

A lovely asparagus soup can be made in 5 minutes just sauté asparagus and garlic with butter, mix it with broth and put everything together in a grinder.  Serve hot or cold with a dollop of cream if you want.  I prefer mine with the ice cream. 

Curries are very easy to make.  I always have a jar of prepared paste of onion, garlic and ginger in my fridge.  I put a tablespoonful of the paste in a pan with ghee or coconut oil, add organic spices and mix my chicken or lamb cubes with some raw coconut  in it.  I fry it till it is well done, add homemade broth and some herbs like coriander.  I finish it up with a dash of lime juice.  Serve it with rice or I make buckwheat pancake.

Do you love coffee?  It is worth investing in a good espresso machine, which you can easily buy from saving money not eating out.  Get good quality coffee and you can have a nice cup of cappuccino or espresso with cream, gelatine and if you prefer, half spoon of sugar.  I have a cup everyday when I return from work.

There are so many ways to eat at home.  Cooking is simple, if you know what you are preparing and if you have a stocked your kitchen cabinet and fridge well.  It saves a lot of time, money and is extremely good for you.  I love the creativity in cooking and I am always eager to experiment with the items I have at my home.   I often post the ‘quick fixes’ on my Facebook page.  Most of them are from my own imagination.  I don’t say that you should never go out; once a while is fine.  But if you are one of those who eat out every week, or more, its time you thought twice!