I always ask myself this question when I feel I am checking out of my body?

We live in a time where our fed by everything except how to be in our own body, thoughts and inner self.

How would we know that we are checking out?

We abuse our body by eating too much, eating too little, addiction, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle. We numb ourselves and we ignore what actually our body is telling us. We abuse if we are unhappy, we throw harsh judgment to our body.

Let see a scenario when we are meeting someone we dress up in a way to look good but we forget most of the time that we concentrate more on the package than what actually is inside.

We feed our mind and soul with unwanted thoughts, judgment, criticism and we make our body as a dumpster till our body start saying NO in their own way by pain, emotions, disease. We want it to be in running condition as soon as possible so we start treating it with medicine or sometimes healing food to get better. Once it shows the sign of recovery we are back in the same old pattern.

Do we try to fix our body not us? Does it make sense?

So if we are overweight or we want something we start playing with our body abusing it, punishing it and shaming it but we forget all these time that body is not separate from our own soul, emotions and spirit.

If we throw garbage we make it a bag of garbage though it is not a garbage bag in any sense.

Our body is the most beautiful thing given to us by this universe. We have been given this as a gift, as a responsibility to show the universe we are one with it. It’s a temple. Imagine a place of worship where there is everything but cleanliness and calmness will you step inside and prayer. I will not.

Our body is a temple and our thoughts are prayer.

When we see this we respect and love in a way we refuse to the things which harm our body, we refuse to say things to ourselves which is self-destructive. We embrace ourselves fully with what we have got. We stop saying good or bad but we act on bringing everything with an enlightenment and open mind.

We distance with people, things which in anyway is harm to our temple. We religiously wash it every day with our enlightening thoughts and we feed it with food and our energy.

We come to know it better, its pace, its liking, its disliking and help it in evolving rather than dissolving.

When we exercise more, eat little in a way we are telling our body we are the boss, we control everything around here. We fail to understand that body is just not about food and exercising it is about our emotions, our energy, our connection and when we ignore all the factors and punish it. Sooner or later our body teaches us how to slow down. It never leave us completely on our own but we are the ignorant one who never wants to listen.

When we abuse it with food, alcohol, late night and all we are again pushing ourselves further from our body and soul purpose. We become deaf to the body ache, pain and its voice.

Our disease, our symptoms are the doorway to get an insight of what’s going on. It’s not curse or punishment to us. Can you see how beautiful is our body and its spirit it always tries it best to bring us inside to check in ?

If people around can see how you love and respect each cell of your body and still they offer you something which doesn’t resonate with your inner temple. You can politely refuse to have that inside you. Love can see that love is not about making someone guilty or forcing things.

If the thoughts are not uplifting or in any sense it is disrupting the integrity of your spirit and body. You will say NO to that.

We keep on reading diet books, enlightenment books and all but nothing works for us because we are not tapping into our own body wisdom but do you know why you chose certain courses, diet, mentor or books because our heart is craving for care, love and change.

I am not a guru or super human but I at this age has come to this that our body is not our enemy it is our friend. It’s the first friend we ever made in this planet earth but we have forgotten to honour our friendship.

Anything you are struggling with food, thoughts, life listens to your body wisdom it is constantly speaking, helping you. You can only hear it if you know how to shut the chaos around you. If you really listen, no ego, no pressure but a genuine interest in your Friend, temple.

When body wants to relax and slow down give it a chance to do that.

When your body wants to heal give it time and patience but with love.

When your body wants to be strong and powerful give it food to get stronger and great thoughts to be powerful to uplift this planet.

Give it quite time by meditating.

Give it flexibility and strength by movement.

Water it sufficiently to clean and flow.

Be creative because creativity in your temple is needed.

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