Do you value yourself enough to change someones life. Yes that is what I am saying. You have to respect and love yourself each day to feel what exactly loved and respecting someone means. I always thought before that it is very selfish to do this but when I started following this loving myself principle in my own life I started creating love and respect for myself.Ok I can see some faces here who doesn’t agree with this Idea. Let me give you my example I always did other way round and I felt all the time I am not loved or respected enough. One day I was walking and you know how much I love walking. Now to the topic I saw all those trees which was looking so beautiful and lively but in between those trees there was some bushes who were dying and were looking lifeless. I thought here you go this is the perfect example they all are in same soil, same enviorment and same path. What makes the other tree look so beautiful was not that someone created it beautiful.It must have started with love from the root and It was spreading it love from its each and every branches loving those bushes too. It was clear on my mind that to love someone you must love yourself. After few days I was walking on the same path and saw something amazing there were few bushes which was turning green again.A great lesson learnt.