It’s a blog which I am writing not with a lot of experience in it but for sure a great deal of insight which has inspired me to do this. Me and my husband are very opposite to each other with our lifestyles and many other things. What has made us live together is our honesty and we accept and love each other with our imperfections and all our idiosyncrasies

No this is not about relationship at all. This blog is about our joint effort in bringing our expenses down. Contributing more for this planet and its living being . Getting more experience of this grand life which can be made free with our unnecessary desires or want.

I have been reading and getting inspired by many people who are practicing this Minimalist Approach and especially a page in FB which is called Becoming Minimalist and was inspired by Joshua work (

So still a beginner I started taking baby steps in not buying things which are not necessary and cleaning my wardrobe, kitchen and all. But what happened few weeks back, My husband decided to apply for a job which is very good and great experience for him long term but salary was more than half than what he is getting now. We both sit down, look at our necessary and must expenses, our charity work, bills and we knew it will become tight because he is the main source of income in the house.

I was really excited surprisingly that he must take this job because maybe we both will learn an experience a different life. Finally he took the job. He is very happy with the job, its time and the environment .

So what I am doing differently now and learning. I know every penny matters .

1- I have started parking my car to places which do not charge money most of the days.

2- Everyday I prepare a great quality lunch boxes for all of us.

3-I have stopped going to shops to see clothes in sale or not in sale because I honestly do not need anything.

4-I practice mindfulness and it has made me more aware of my blessings, gratitude and people rather than just accumulating things that I can live without.

5- I have made plans to save my money for places, courses or charity with whom I want to work with.

Things I do not compromise on:

1- I believe in buying good quality food if possible.

2-I still drink a cup of coffee out and write.

3- Investing in knowledge or experiences will remain same .

What has it resulted in so far?

I feel honestly it is bringing both of us and my daughter close because now we need to work together to make it possible.

My husband has joined some chess club, gym in week to have some of his own time.

I have become more creative with my cooking and soon will be able to launch a book on lunch box ideas.

Our priorites in life is changing and we are ready to dive in for more meaningful life and experiences.

My own mindfulness practice is a big help here because I am more aware when buying things, making friends because I am comfortable with what I have got.

Our desire to work honestly and sincerely will bring more abundance and its time to spread and share.

We are still very new and just experimenting something where we are not in competition with anyone or anything but just our soul call to change.
Has anyone of you tried the Minimalist Approach? What have you learnt?